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Trying to go premium, and getting the merchant service error as well. Just chiming in as it's a US thing as well.

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I don't know if it's recent or long standing and I've never noticed before, but everything to the right seems to be messed up for me.

Strafing to the right with the left stick is hit or miss, sometimes I move at full speed, sometimes I move at a crawl. Turning to the right with the right stick is also random. Sometimes I start to turn full speed right off, other times it staggers and stutters and changes speed while turning.

Thinking it might be my controller I went and played a good hour or two of blacklight during the patch time this morning and everything seemed to be running smooth as glass.

Anyone else getting this input lag/stutter? Or maybe it's just my controller and an issue I don't know about?

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Probably said before, but always bears repeating.

Happy Towel day Duders

( for those who don't know, miss you Mr. Adams)

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So.. I'm level 52 after a week and a half of serious play... I ground up the 795,000 to get an entity SF last night. Bought it, hot pink, did a mission to make sure it'd save, then ran around and ambushed an armored car, quit to single player, logged out. Come back a few hours later cause I can't sleep. No car, No money, 21,000 to my name at rank 52. Not in the impound, no insurance claim to file, doesn't show up on mechanic list... *sighs* a 500k stimulus package doesn't even cover what I just lost 2 weeks out from the game going live. :( So bummed out right now, not angry, just feeling burnt from a game I was enjoying, especially after Rockstar's support just gave me the canned "we cannot help you" letter.

Blah, all urge to play gone. :( Especially after I saw "500k stimulus! I can use that to upgrade my Entity after I finally EARN enough to buy it tonight!" Not anymore aparently, getting a bonus that doesn't even cover what's lost.

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Heya Duder, replying from the social site. Roxylee is the name on 360

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damit it I thought i was done crying.. that ending was a crusher. Loved the tribute just, urf...

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Oh this is just amazing.. time to break down all over again repeatedly. I <3 you all, even those I don't know. <3 the Bomb, the Crew, everyone.

Miss you Boss.

Baller Time forever.

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Playing Saints Row the Third with Ryan Davis as an avatar. Starting fresh, going to complete the game with a full finish and take Ryan into Saints Row 4, because I can't play that game without him.

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Well done sir, well done. HPS defined aparently.

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Well done sir, well done. HPS defined aparently.