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Probably said before, but always bears repeating.

Happy Towel day Duders

( for those who don't know, miss you Mr. Adams)

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So.. I'm level 52 after a week and a half of serious play... I ground up the 795,000 to get an entity SF last night. Bought it, hot pink, did a mission to make sure it'd save, then ran around and ambushed an armored car, quit to single player, logged out. Come back a few hours later cause I can't sleep. No car, No money, 21,000 to my name at rank 52. Not in the impound, no insurance claim to file, doesn't show up on mechanic list... *sighs* a 500k stimulus package doesn't even cover what I just lost 2 weeks out from the game going live. :( So bummed out right now, not angry, just feeling burnt from a game I was enjoying, especially after Rockstar's support just gave me the canned "we cannot help you" letter.

Blah, all urge to play gone. :( Especially after I saw "500k stimulus! I can use that to upgrade my Entity after I finally EARN enough to buy it tonight!" Not anymore aparently, getting a bonus that doesn't even cover what's lost.

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Heya Duder, replying from the social site. Roxylee is the name on 360

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damit it I thought i was done crying.. that ending was a crusher. Loved the tribute just, urf...

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Oh this is just amazing.. time to break down all over again repeatedly. I <3 you all, even those I don't know. <3 the Bomb, the Crew, everyone.

Miss you Boss.

Baller Time forever.

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Playing Saints Row the Third with Ryan Davis as an avatar. Starting fresh, going to complete the game with a full finish and take Ryan into Saints Row 4, because I can't play that game without him.

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Well done sir, well done. HPS defined aparently.

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Well done sir, well done. HPS defined aparently.

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I tend to Duo with one other person, my only real friend heh. We tend to play anything co-op together, and some single player stuff on the side. I play a lot of multi player games just to mess about on as well, but open world sandboxes I almost always play with mah buddy.

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Saints Row 3, starting from scratch with a Ryan Davis Avatar, going to finish all the challenges and then take him to Saints Row 4. Cheesy, but it makes me feel a little bit better I guess.