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After watching the fiasco of the site going to paid and the uproar and not understanding what the other sites were about.. It took me this long to get off my ass, scrape together 50$'s and toss it towards the whiskey crew.  Subscriber or not, it's your choice, but after getting to know the crew a bit b watching them every day of the week, 50$'s is the least I could do to show my appreciation.  So here's to Brad, Ryan, Jeff, Vinny, Will, Norm, and all the others that make the shows incredible, and keep me coming back daily to see what's new.  Thanks. ^^

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I got rofflestomped so hard here...   I never played Dead Space 1..  Watched a "let's play" of it to get the story, jumped into this one..  I start up.. die in the first area when your running away.. "wow.. I thought this was normal difficulty..."   Run through there..  felt kind lame for getting smoked in the tutorial.. then.. this bit..   this was deaths two and three.. So not nice when you get one shot trying to figure out what to do in a panic.  >.<   Got through it by finally getting stasis off as it's on top of me and SPAMMING SHOTS AMG I'M GUNNA DI... oh.. it's dead... I WIN!

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 The most amusing part about this is.. imo,  that the guy who was on the live show with giantbomb on justin TV mentioned this specifically, about DLC being on the disk and being ready..  and hating it just like the rest of the Giantbomb crew did... and yet.. here we go, stuff on the disk, 108 kb unlock key to get your toys.  "God i hate when devs do that!"  *laugh*

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Where did all the good titles go?   Black Ops.. good but burns out quickly..  Reach, much the same..  Still playing assasin's creed brotherhood, loving that, and then there's New Vegas, wich I own but am still waiting to play since the crushing save corrupting bug killed my latest 3 saves.  So what happened to all the block buster releases other then those?  Bah, Holiday season is just.. blah...

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I got my copy on pre order.. played it for 3 days.. got a crushing save bug that took out 3 of my saves.. and put the game away.  Maybe this is the patch I'm waiting for..  I really really really want to play and enjoy the game.  I have to say this is rather good news, though I didn't see, did they say that they fixed the DLC corrupting bug on 360?
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I love the bomb squad guy in full gear at the end... "I think... we killed it..."
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@TheDukeofArgyll:  if he were srs about giantbomb, he'd move onto their doorstep.. panhandling to help! spread the word!
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@TheDukeofArgyll: Problem with that though.. he lives in canada.. wich means.. they charge him an EXTRA tenner for shipping for the shirt...  he's saying he does not mind paying the 50$'s, he's just not into paying 60$ or more.  He wants to pass on the shirt and just make sure the entire 50$'s goes to the bomb crew...
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@SethPhotopoulos said:
" @hondorondo said:
" @SethPhotopoulos said:
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" @Hailinel said:
" @hondorondo said:
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" ? no you sound desperate.... "
lol what are you, twelve?   You've offered no defense for anything other than listing a bunch of games at random -- many of which you should well know they'd have no interest in playing let alone running videos of. Do you honestly expect a quick look of a sports game like NHL 11? Do you even frequent Giant Bomb?  "
no you are twelve...   besides ... quicklooks like 1vs 100 , price is right or this water running jumping slippery falling down game are one of the best.... just imagine an eyepet quicklook Oo "
It always blows my mind when someone attempts to use the "NO U" argument without irony or comic intent. "
why? good use of it or what? i dont understand what you want to say. too serious? "
It's a ridiculous argument that only paints you with the notion that you know your argument is flawed, and thus you're resorting to meaningless comebacks in a flailing attempt at distracting your opponent in debate. "
dont be ridiculous. its not even an argument that stands for anything.. he said im twelve and i replied the same... its not like im trying to defend any point... "
In all honesty, your ability to craft a coherent, meaningful argument is staggeringly immature and resembles that of a youth unaccustomed to debating with educated adults. "
you are twelve, not an adult. no wonder you dont understand my mature arguments "
How old are you anyway? "
too personal... you first "
17 "
It's funny how these quote pyramids slowly fade out the words.. so eventually... you have no idea what you were talking about to begin with.. maybe that's a mechanism to stop quote pyramids.... *gasp* conspiracy!