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So would the giantbomb crew like my 50$'s in a mailbag episode or paypal'd?  Cause.. I've never listened to the podcast once,  no real want for HD video, no "smart phone" for the media on the go,  Whiskey media Tshirt not really wanted, but hell, wouldn't mind showing support to the guys I love to watch in quick looks and reviews and other videos.  (quick looks and TANG are the two reasons i keep coming back to this site ^^ )

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@Astras: I'd be down with that, hook me up with paypal addresses and I'll send my donations there. ;)  I may still pick up the year sub cause i've got the cash for it, but to be honest, the only other whiskey site I've visited was Tested, and that was just a few days ago.  I have no idea who these guys are, love the giant bomb staff, but tossing out cash to the other three when I've never even used their service makes me feel odd.
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I'm... not sure what to make of this...   "hey.. reach was a pretty game, but i don't remember a damn thing about it.. there was shooting and stuff... so.. whatever"   I like real opinions on games, but.... for the game I'm looking forward too more then anything this year.. kind of a bummer here. :(

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Way to go! Fleecin him by having your player sandbag the first round, i knew it!