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" ? no you sound desperate.... "
lol what are you, twelve?   You've offered no defense for anything other than listing a bunch of games at random -- many of which you should well know they'd have no interest in playing let alone running videos of. Do you honestly expect a quick look of a sports game like NHL 11? Do you even frequent Giant Bomb?  "
no you are twelve...   besides ... quicklooks like 1vs 100 , price is right or this water running jumping slippery falling down game are one of the best.... just imagine an eyepet quicklook Oo "
It always blows my mind when someone attempts to use the "NO U" argument without irony or comic intent. "
why? good use of it or what? i dont understand what you want to say. too serious? "
It's a ridiculous argument that only paints you with the notion that you know your argument is flawed, and thus you're resorting to meaningless comebacks in a flailing attempt at distracting your opponent in debate. "
dont be ridiculous. its not even an argument that stands for anything.. he said im twelve and i replied the same... its not like im trying to defend any point... "
In all honesty, your ability to craft a coherent, meaningful argument is staggeringly immature and resembles that of a youth unaccustomed to debating with educated adults. "
you are twelve, not an adult. no wonder you dont understand my mature arguments "
How old are you anyway? "
too personal... you first "
17 "
It's funny how these quote pyramids slowly fade out the words.. so eventually... you have no idea what you were talking about to begin with.. maybe that's a mechanism to stop quote pyramids.... *gasp* conspiracy!
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So would the giantbomb crew like my 50$'s in a mailbag episode or paypal'd?  Cause.. I've never listened to the podcast once,  no real want for HD video, no "smart phone" for the media on the go,  Whiskey media Tshirt not really wanted, but hell, wouldn't mind showing support to the guys I love to watch in quick looks and reviews and other videos.  (quick looks and TANG are the two reasons i keep coming back to this site ^^ )

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@Astras: I'd be down with that, hook me up with paypal addresses and I'll send my donations there. ;)  I may still pick up the year sub cause i've got the cash for it, but to be honest, the only other whiskey site I've visited was Tested, and that was just a few days ago.  I have no idea who these guys are, love the giant bomb staff, but tossing out cash to the other three when I've never even used their service makes me feel odd.
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I'm... not sure what to make of this...   "hey.. reach was a pretty game, but i don't remember a damn thing about it.. there was shooting and stuff... so.. whatever"   I like real opinions on games, but.... for the game I'm looking forward too more then anything this year.. kind of a bummer here. :(

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Way to go! Fleecin him by having your player sandbag the first round, i knew it!