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I tend to Duo with one other person, my only real friend heh. We tend to play anything co-op together, and some single player stuff on the side. I play a lot of multi player games just to mess about on as well, but open world sandboxes I almost always play with mah buddy.

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Saints Row 3, starting from scratch with a Ryan Davis Avatar, going to finish all the challenges and then take him to Saints Row 4. Cheesy, but it makes me feel a little bit better I guess.

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my beard is currently in the Ryan Davis style.. I shall post it when i get the chance.

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Order is in process, we'll see..

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End of the podcast was brutal, beautiful, but brutal. Tears since I heard, odd maybe, but yah.. I'm fucking crying on and off still.

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I'd love to get this character in my game. I was trying to do much the same, so I can carry Ryan into Saint's 4 in my own little way.. but I'm having no luck with the editor. I just can't get it to look right.

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Saints row 3.. and upcoming 4, I'm not going to be able to play either of those without thinking of him anymore.

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This is now going on my phone and my desktop.. amazing.. and all Ryan. Can almost hear him tapping the ring on that glass..

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Never done recording before for anything.. but for this, I'm going to make an effort. I have no idea what I'm doing but will try and get something together.

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@crembaw: Read and echoing my sentiments. You put into so many words what I couldn't. I find an odd feeling that I want to meet the rest of the crew sometime, just to chat and chill, because this chance that I missed with Ryan is just crushing.

I'm sure that sounds a bit off, or maybe a touch creepy, and that really my chance of meeting the crew across the country from me is rather hopeless, and that they are celeb material and I'm another duder out of hundreds of thousands, but maybe.. Never know.