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I can't believe this. I've been outta the loop for a day, come back.. check reddit and there is this. There's no words, this is so messed up.

Tuesday's gone.

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Better quick look then the quick look in my opinion:

Totalbiscuit, while often being a rightous jerk, seems to actually like this game. This is an amazing twist of events, considering he usually lambastes things like this. Perhaps he just understands the character more then the Giantbomb crew? I think any Deadpool fan will enjoy the game to some extent as it isn't horrible, anyone who doesn't like deadpool is going to hate it. Simple as that really, and we all know what side of the fence the crew lies on.

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@alternate: Or, since the console is not checking every 24 hours, the game now has to check online every time it starts up. Trade a 24 hour check in for an "on start" check in.

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Anyone checked out the videos on youtube from DomesticMango? I would drop the link here for the video but I don't want to break the youtube spam rules. If you search "Forza 4 The Gymkhana Boss" on youtube I'm sure you'll find it. What i was wondering is has anyone else around here tried any setups like this? Was curious what it would take to set a vehicle up to be that loose and smooth around the track as it was in this video. I know it must take a TON of practice to drive like that, but he makes it look smooth as silk. Wouldn't mind learning how to tune a car to be able to do that. (Granted I'd have to get better at just driving to begin with.... assists just make things too easy and fun :P)

Also, are there any guides to tuning cars out there? I'm not much of a gearhead if at all, and all the settings can make a non car person like me rather confused. I tried tuning a car at one point but things went horribly wrong somewhere and it basically turned out nearly undriveable at high speed. I know you can buy setups for cars, but I wouldn't mind learning to do it myself. Is there any resources/guides out there for such a thing?

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Good news is good news, even if it's really just dire straits hidden under the news... and for THQ I'll take all the good news I can get for them. I'm in your corner, buying all the THQ stuff I can....

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36 days until I lose a large portion of my "free time"..... I like the timer though, rather nifty.

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Got the expansion for binding of isaac... everything else I've either got on 360, or want to get on 360 for achievements. (not really important but I like them anyways, gives me something to shoot for once I finish a game) There's been a few tempting sales, but nothing that I could see myself needing. :/ Hoping for an arma 2 flash sale or some such like a few others, but few days left yet, might find something I can't live without.

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Going to dust off my copy tonight and actually try to get somewhere on it. Maybe turn off a racing aid or two so i don't feel so horrible and newbish racing. ^^; GT: NomRoxNom

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Alright, I have barely played forza 4 but I own it, and loved what I played. Come this thursday I might try and join you guys, looks like a blast. Hope to see you come thursday... (walls better be scared, I avoid crashing into cars, but walls for some reason are like magnetic for me... I'm a horrible racer :( )

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I like it, it's got a really laid back ambiance to it. The build up from the start eases into things fairly well. Overall, I'd say nice job duder. Totally see myself picking this one up in a few days.