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Good luck Duder, may your first born be a strong one, and may the quest to become the dragonborn go well.

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20 pages of this? really?... Must've been a slow weekend...

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Owned both this generation, hated PSN, always had multiplayer game issues, but since that's my main focus, and I've gotten what I've paid for so far with xbox I'll have to stick with them. Only used my PS3 for exclusives, and then it never got turned on for anything else. Main platform will be PC MMO's as it is now (can't wait for guild wars 2) but I do enjoy Live and I do like the controller, so if it's anything the same as the current one that's where I'll be.

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To be honest... I laughed. Does that make me a horrible person? Probably.. but it was said in the heat of the moment, and at a game that was tearing the edges of your sanity. The reason i was watching the stream was just waiting for a moment like that. I honestly was expecting brad to snap first, but hey, you proved you are human and make mistakes. Duder, it was an amazing show, and being premium content it made me even happier I am a subscriber. Great show Ryan, and this little gaff was just an amusing bump in the road.

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Whenever I see a game like this, i automatically think about certain other open world high fantasy games and get discouraged.... Skyrim was fantastic, but how many other open world games out there just kinda fell flat. Reserving true judgement on this one till it comes out. I'm sure I'll give it a try, just not sure if that try will be a purchase or a borrow/rental yet.

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Gears and Halo forced me to purchase my xbox while i allready owned a gaming PC. Infamous and Uncharted forced my hand on getting a PS3... MMO's of all colors originally had me get a PC.. ^^

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yah, i join the easily amused crowd... man if my numbers hit 2's or 3's.. i'd be so unhappy. Kind of a simple thing, but I'd be thrown off by it. heh

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@Breadfan: Disturbing.. yet.. oddly fitting...

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Sad as it is.. I'm 31 and excited for a halo game. I'm pretty into the books and overall story though so I can't wait to see where this goes and what's going to happen... New people with the series, Chief is back, shooting more elites in the mandibles, I'm happy... Borderlands 2, halo 4, hopefully that'll pan out the rest of the year in happy happy game time.

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I know people have way over, but rather randomly my total fell on exactly 30,000 gamer score. Wasn't trying for it, and aparently it happened 4 days ago and I just noticed now. (REALLY don't pay much attention to achievements) It's funny, rather odd, but I'm unsure if i want to play anything and ruin it. Seeing all those zeros on my xbox is kind of amusing... Granted I don't have enough cash for a seperate profile on live so I'll end up breaking the perfect round number, but still... A little amusing side note, and kind of a bummer at the same time.. Phone capped for posterity at least.