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@Brodehouse: Will try that, been trying to use it aiming, and the recoil is just ridiculous. End up aiming at sky if i don't pin the stick to the bottom using ADS heh.

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lol... the synopsis...

Estimated achievement difficulty: 10/10

Offline achievements: 50 (1000)

Approximate time for 1000: 250+

Minimum number of playthroughs required for completion: 3

Number of missable achievements: 12 (9 Endings, 100% Quests, 100% Chests, 100% Item Creation)

Glitched achievements: None

Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes

Wow.. that sounds like a masochist's dream game..

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@Enigma777: I hate that.. "it's the journey" bit.. Granted the journey was fun, rather wonderful really, but if the destination is somewhere I really don't want to go, the journey becomes a real drag. A journey that I have no ambition to take again anytime soon. :(

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I got the N7 Hurricane.. wich.. made me sad... :( The recoil on it is ridiculous, like Sate2801 said, if you aren't in cover, good luck actually tagging something as it's cone just goes insane in short order. I fell right back to using pistols as I think that is another SMG that's going to sit on the shelf for me. :/

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No... just... No...

Those are images of the apocalypse.. I swear.. I for one welcome our new spider overlords..

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good find, rather amusing. :D

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@Foxtrot0245: My good sir, you have inspired in me the laughter. Amazing usage of signage to place the point succinctly and perfectly. Well done, here here and cheerio. A follow for you and 87 bazillion internets.

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@ShalashaskaUK666: Hated the endings myself, and there are a billion reasons out there allready. Great video though, interesting, but it just doesn't fit with the overall theme of ME I think.

Main reason for the reply.. "FUCKTACULARLY"... that word is amazing and I am just telling you that I am going to make an effort to use it from now on. Carry on chaps.

Edit: Words are hard.

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Tempted to do a renegade run from 1 to 3 just to see what happens, but I allready know what choices I'll be given so the ambition kinda drained from me. Have all the ME2 DLC, but not everything from ME1.