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Ha Ha Haaa, Topical!

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The way I see it, they are going to provide more "closure" through clarity. They are going to tell the story of what was happening outside the magic kids club house so we can understand why things went down outside the way they did. They make no mention of a changed ending, just keeping their artistic vision intact. Wich means, they're going to have to fill some plot holes somehow, wich will mean changing some things I'm sure. We'll see how it all shakes out...

In any event, I'll be happy to get some closure, I don't care if they change the ending or not, I just kinda wanna know how things went down with the ending of a series I love dearly. Something keeps nagging me though that they had this planned all along... "if you only knew what we had planned for Mass Effect 3's DLC you would keep your copy forever" sounds awfully prophetic now.

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@Brodehouse: Will try that, been trying to use it aiming, and the recoil is just ridiculous. End up aiming at sky if i don't pin the stick to the bottom using ADS heh.

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lol... the synopsis...

Estimated achievement difficulty: 10/10

Offline achievements: 50 (1000)

Approximate time for 1000: 250+

Minimum number of playthroughs required for completion: 3

Number of missable achievements: 12 (9 Endings, 100% Quests, 100% Chests, 100% Item Creation)

Glitched achievements: None

Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes

Wow.. that sounds like a masochist's dream game..

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@Enigma777: I hate that.. "it's the journey" bit.. Granted the journey was fun, rather wonderful really, but if the destination is somewhere I really don't want to go, the journey becomes a real drag. A journey that I have no ambition to take again anytime soon. :(

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I got the N7 Hurricane.. wich.. made me sad... :( The recoil on it is ridiculous, like Sate2801 said, if you aren't in cover, good luck actually tagging something as it's cone just goes insane in short order. I fell right back to using pistols as I think that is another SMG that's going to sit on the shelf for me. :/

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No... just... No...

Those are images of the apocalypse.. I swear.. I for one welcome our new spider overlords..

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good find, rather amusing. :D

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@Foxtrot0245: My good sir, you have inspired in me the laughter. Amazing usage of signage to place the point succinctly and perfectly. Well done, here here and cheerio. A follow for you and 87 bazillion internets.