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Awesome, looked back at one of my questions and found out that, depending on how you interpret it, it's wrong.

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Woot! #464!
I saw some epically bad questions while getting this. I had to cheat to get 10 in a row, I'm ashamed to admit.

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@Seroth said:
I'm sure the Twilight reference and stuff like "Epic Fail" weren't in the Japanese version of Persona 4."
Don't forget how Ai asks you if you're "butthurt." Damn, I love Atlus USA's localizations!
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@AutisticAngel: I'm surprised you got that far. I gave up rather early on at Boss Fight ONE due to the difficulty. When I looked up the cutscenes, it quickly turned into the single most stupid, asinine, and insipid things I had ever seen. The character derailment was shocking, and I quickly hated everyone. The Answer brought us only two good things: "Heartful Cry" and "Darkness."
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More people get Insomniac games, Insomniac makes more money. It's a win-win situation here, people. 
This is one of the few times the fanboys aren't making me ashamed to own the PS3. They've been unusually calm about this.

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Unskippable always sounds like a more lifeless version of MST3K. Their jokes are funny, but the tone has always killed it for me.

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I always liked Chariot, Emperor, Lovers, Death, Hanged Man and Moon. I have a hard time picking a favorite.
I always go with Ayane because I heard in advance that Yumi became annoying later. Also because I couldn't find the drama club on my first playthrough to take a tour (practice building storage room).

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You cannot make the argument that this game is worse than II.

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Monster Mash was awful.

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Now just Hammer Smash left.