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Still hype for Project Diva F2. That's a Day One Perch for me.

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I don't have a Bone, I have no plans on getting a Bone, and with bone-headed announcements like this I have absolutely no desire to get the Xbox One.

I don't know who this is trying to appeal to, either. Sony has a "definitive" version of the latest Tomb Raider coming out really soon and there's a new Lara Croft and friends game coming out by the end of the year. What percentage of Bone users both liked the Tomb Raider reboot and ONLY have a Bone so they directly benefit from exclusive BS like this?

Honestly I wish Microsoft would cut their losses and stop ruining the gaming industry already. To use a wrestling analogy: What if WCW had the kind of money the WWF did back in the day and could buy up their wrestlers to use, drain out and throw back on the curb? How gruesome would The Monday Night Wars have been?

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@ultimaxe said:

If I'm not mistaken, those are the exact same games that they offered when PSN came back up. That's . . . fair, I guess? Lame, but fair.

Oh, no. No no no. The PSP had FAR worse games that were up for "grabs" when this happened.

Actually I'm wrong. Little Big Planet, Killzone and ModNation were the same three games offered before. Instead of Patapon 3 though they gave us Pursuit Force which surprise is a REALLY BAD GAME.

On the PS3 Wipeout HD was replaced for obvious reasons (the studio went under and they'll never put that game on sale again) and Ratchet and Clank was replaced too because...?

They're more or less the same but not much better.

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@mattpannella: Frank Cifaldi has been putting the game industry on blast lately and I love it. Dude has a lot of perspective that I really hope other people can take the time to try and see things from.

Either way. This announcement from Cliff B sounds really "off" but I'll hold judgement until further news comes out I suppose. Only fair.

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I bet there's tons of worst Avatars; it's just that Korra and Aang are the only two we know enough about.

I really like Korra as a character but as a show the writers seem like they don't know how to write a female character, especially one as important as The Avatar. Her being impulsive or hot-headed are turned up to 11 and she doesn't seem to learn anything for long. She'll fight a super bad guy one week and then a few weeks later trust the next one she runs into.

I'll be honest, I didn't watch Last Airbender much if at all but was the show as awkwardly paced as Korra is? A lot of the time we're following around several side-characters with that impart a sliver of 'world building' in their stories. Shortly after it turns out something bigger's been happening and oh no they're a part of it now! It feels less like The Legend of Korra and her adventures, and more like "The Legend of Korra" and here's Link and his super friends to help save the day.

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It's funny that in the same week John Cena won the WWE World Heavyweight Championships in a ladder match against several opponents that many fans and outsiders - myself included - would have loved to see be given a run with the titles instead, Giant Bomb hired on essentially two John Cenas. Very safe choices that probably won't change the status quo all that much but is met with a very resigned sigh.

I can see why it happened this way. It absolutely makes sense. That doesn't make it any less desirable.

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@wackojackman: I really liked playing Zelda+Shiek because it meant I could play two different ways at any given time. Sure, a lot of people would JUST play Shiek, but both characters I feel had pros and cons that fit with my playstyle.

The Samus thing just kind of makes sense given that their Final Smashes were literally "Do some damage maybe, then turn into other one". I've always really hated Zero Suit Samus since it became the defacto sexy Nintendo lady but there's a growing tumblr-like crowd that claims it makes her "empowering" when she's just a video game character that has no inherit power so whatever.

tldr: Taking out the switch makes sense for Samus, will miss it on Zelda.

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@aliens4: You literally do not need to "cherry pick" statistics on the violence and harassment that happen to trans people because it is always happening. Furthermore, ANY statistics gleaned are literally less than what they really are because so much that happens to us goes unreported or ignored by law enforcement. A lot of it happens FROM law enforcement!

Satire is nothing without subversion. Making fun of trans women only perpetuates that notion. Without asking what this really means and what it does, you are merely restating negative attitudes. A lot of the public sees trans people as a joke. Making more jokes about trans people just adds fuel to the out of control fire.

As an aside as more of these issues come to light I've noticed a lot more negative encounters with people in public, and trans friends of mine have as well. It shouldn't be our job to educate people on what is right and wrong, but because nobody else stands up for us we have to, and it's miserable.

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Oh my god. The dead air is actively hurting my ears. Do something to cut it out please.

Also the bitrate on this is way too high, like double what it should be easily.

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@bvilleneuve: This is more a problem with the video game industry total and less of just EA.

You are expected to work 9-5 every day of the week on THIS ONE video game, and typically working overtime every single day as well. Video game colleges coach you in the ways of working at "crunch time" while you're taking courses so that you're conditioned to this well into working for a company to produce a video game. There's a reason that so many people burn out in their 30's and have to retrain themselves in something far more sustainable.

Independent work? Not so much unless you either teach yourself, or work with programs people have already made.

I guess this is more a rant on how making video games is a glorified factory job.