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Dark Souls 2. Most games I've played this year have been a disappointment and nothing else comes close in my mind.

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"It’s not about the money," he said. "It’s about my sanity."

But I bet the money helped.

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Great write up Alex.

I will say that The Wolf Among Us never hit me as hard as a lot of the crazy moments in The Walking Dead, but overall it was a satisfying "first season". As some people have already pointed out, imprisoning the Crooked Man meant he spends the rest of his eternal life as a voiceless crow, which I found to be a fitting punishment for him. Looking forward to your full review!

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Not Brad's biggest fan, but I like the man and I will say he did a great job hosting.

Hater's gonna hate.

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Definitely disagree... I think people vouching for either the PlayStation 1 or 2 are more on target.

More over, it depends on what the qualifications are regarding the word 'best'. Are we talking biggest impact on video games or sheer entertainment value? If we're going for impact here, I'd say the Super Nintendo is arguably the "best".

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Might as well, he's pretty awesome.

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Tragic... when I saw this, I initially thought it was some horrible joke, probably cause I didn't want it to be real. :(

I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan in person at PAX 2010 and getting a big sweaty hug from him. It was awesome. He will be truly missed.... RIP duder.

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If Brad meant it as in he'd feel like his DOTA skills would suffer if he got into League, then yeah, that totally makes sense.

If he meant it as a knock against League and indicating that DOTA is so much deeper than LoL, well... I think that's kind of an ignorant statement on his part. To each his own, I doubt Brad meant it in a bashing way, but everybody seems to be taking it that way...?

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I think most people do...