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Last of Us does not need a sequel, although I definitely wouldn't mind if it got one. Hopefully with different characters too as I feel like Joel/Ellie's story is wrapped up at this point.

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Well sure, I know plenty of people who "still actually" play it and enjoy it a lot. Of course it helps to buy the new expansions, make actual use of the blank cards and also try out Crabs Adjust Humidity (unofficial expansion) in order to keep the game fresh. Like most party games, it loses it's luster after constant and consistent playing.

I guess the larger issue here is when people treat their opinions like they are facts.

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Way to make a bad situation even worse, Konami.

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This list is awesome. Vinny is awesome! Long live Vinny!!

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Wha..? Surprising. I wasn't always your biggest fan Patrick, but you helped bring some awesome content to the site. Your Spelunky feature will/should go down in GB history!

I had the chance to meet you at PAX 2011 and never took it, I still regret that to this day.

Wishing you and your facial hair all the best on your journey. Scoops!

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Banner Saga was one of the great games of this year, very overlooked imo, but that's probably cause it was a January release. Kudos Patrick

Also - You're right, Shadow of Mordor didn't have to be a LOTR game. The license didn't amount to much of anything in that game, all things considered. I would've preferred an original universe.

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@trafalgarlaw said:

Absolutely nothing. We don't celebrate christmas. I doubt anyone remembers how christmas originated or why it's celebrated. It's all a holiday for commerce now.

Your family sounds fun.

I got a couple Blu Ray movies (Indiana Jones, Guardians), some socks (BATMAN SOCKS), along with a new computer monitor. AND Persona Q.

I would've been totally happy with nothing as well, but that's not how my family works.

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Old Jeff would've killed it. Jeff now? Probably would still be funny, but it wouldn't be as good as old Jeff.

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I'm not really sure what is the big deal about this game is. As far as I can see, this game already exists. It's called Grand Theft Auto V.

I'm sure GTA V's story is lightyears ahead of this game. But I can still take a butcher knife to unsuspecting women sunbathing on the beach. Honestly, it doesn't feel that different. GTA IV and onwards always felt a little strange to me... the people didn't seem like cartoons anymore. They seemed too real.

Maybe the difference between GTA V and Hatred is that Hatred is glorifying that type of spree violence and cheering you on to do all that nasty stuff. I dunno, it's a fine line to walk and I'm not sure how to actually feel about it. My girlfriend was almost a victim of a spree killer two years ago, so my instant reaction to something like this was one of disgust, mainly because it plays up that sort of sick violence so freakin' much in the trailer. GTA V has different intentions overall, along with other ways to play the game.

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Weird thing to say... It's kinda like saying Street Fighter is what Mortal Kombat should've been, or vice versa. Both games are aiming for different experiences.

For me, Divinity failed almost completely in terms of characters and story, while Dragon Age still has some of that BioWare seal of quality when it comes to characters and storyline. And I put those two things way higher than gameplay when I am enjoying RPG's. Divinity ended up feeling like a disappointment to me, but I appreciate what it was aiming for.