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@starvinggamer said:

Your post is too vague. You say there's no way to negotiate around the conflict, but did you make any attempt to? How much time in advance were you aware that this conflict existed? Quite a while, I'd imagine, as you should have known your final exam times when the semester started.

So unless this is some unforeseen circumstance like a shift-change mandated by your employer at the last minute, you probably should have managed the situation in a more timely fashion.


You should've planned things out better and honestly you're going to look bad for not seeing this seasonal position through. Try to work things out with your boss, I don't understand how there would be "no way" to negotiate around finals that are (I assume) happening next month.

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@asurastrike said:

None of the characters are interesting.

The combat is a poor approximation of a 5 year old MMO.

When you speak to a character it does not go into the sort of "conversation mode" that bioware games are known for. By this I mean the camera stays the same as if you were just roaming around the world, except now a conversation wheel has popped up.

The story seems rather aimless. Templars and Mages are at war because reasons, theres a green hole in the sky leaking demons because I don't know why, and my hand can close the hole but not until after I revive an ancient order and unite everyone.

I spent $60 on it, so I honestly do hope it improves. But I as I play it I can't shake the feeling that I am wasting my time.

Having played about 20 more hours than you have, I would disagree with a majority of your points. The story has picked up quite a lot at where I'm at, and even before that, I wouldn't say it was aimless. The tension/problems between the mages and templars have been mounting since the series started.

I've recruited most (?, maybe all) of the characters and would say I find most of them to be interesting/fun.

I totally agree about the lack of a conversation zoom in... that's pretty disappointing, especially for a game that has such good looking face models.

I think the combat is one of the game's weakest spots as well, it definitely isn't as interesting or strategic as Origins' combat was. I'm playing on hard in order to get some sort of challenge from it. I also initially played with friendly fire on, but that was more trouble than it was worth.

So you have some decent, valid points to make against the game. I would keep at it! The story definitely develops in some cool ways and I was actually kind of blown away by how awesome the "mage recruiting" quest was in terms of story. Fun stuff.

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It almost sounds like.... you don't like the guy.....!!

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Yikes. Good thing I haven't cared about an Ass Creed game since Brotherhood.

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"Unfortunately, it's hard to see how this benefits the consumer in any way."

Yeeeep. I'd much prefer to have everything linked to my Steam account at this point, instead of multiple stupid services.

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The Puppet Master movies are so bad.

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Going through chapter 3 at the moment... just killed the chainsaw guy from the QL

  • Slow start in the first 2 chapters, hand holding with lots of stealth
  • Game picks up a lot in chapter 3, the combat is tense and satisfying (very RE4-esque)
  • It doesn't properly explain some of its mechanics...
  • No scares so far, definitely doesn't feel like a "scary" game, I got more actual scares playing Alien: Isolation

I was a little frustrated and not enjoying it a lot during the first 2 chapters, but Chapter 3 got things going and now I'm currently enjoying it a lot.

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Ugh. Absolutely disgusting. It's so sad to see how far harassment on the internet can go, like Robin William's daughter getting tweeted pictures of her dead dad. MESSED UP.

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Worth it.

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I think both shows are very comparable, specially in that it was pretty obvious that both show's creators were making crazy shit up as they went along (Ron Moore admitted to this, never heard Damon or Carlton admit it). That's fine, not everything has to be meticulously planned out, but it doesn't always equal good/coherent storytelling.

Both shows had arguably awful endings. Lost overstayed its welcome, BSG didn't know WTF it was doing after the NC arc in Season 3 (most of those "stand alone episodes" that season were pretty bad).

Both shows are flawed in retrospect, but great in their own right. They each had their moments. Good and bad. But honestly, Lost was wayyyy more frustrating to watch because it was literally writing crazy shit out of nowhere ALL THE TIME and then never explaining or elaborating on it. BSG was guilty of this as well, but much less so!