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I know, that's the weird thing though, under billing it already states that I am a free member. Oh and I just tried clearing the cache, no effect, still see the premium content. I guess it makes sense seeing as this might be the grace period that Chaser324 is referring to and it is all according to plan after all.

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Hmm, well it started on October 25th, so I imagine it ended on November 25th, right? Unless I'm confused about how this works, than that would mean I had it free for 3 weeks now.

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In October I bought a month of premium, my account since lapsed into a free account again (which was as intended, since I only wanted a month) but the premium content is still available to me, even though it is clearly stated that I am a free user. I just wanted to make you aware of this, I am a big fan of the site and the work you guys do here thus it doesn't feel right to me to keep consuming the content when I clearly shouldn't have access to it but if this is not an isolated issue, someone might just feel otherwise, thus I feel this is definitely worth a look into.

I am using the latest version of Chrome and on top of that I have adblock and ghostery (both of which are whitelisting this domain, so I'm not sure if this is a factor at all). Otherwise I'm using Windows 8.1. Not sure if this info is of any help, let me know if you need any more information about my setup in case you deem it to be important to solving this.

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Wow, Dave is straight up solving shit in this QL! It's like he's bloody psychic!

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Assault rifles. Couldn't care less about the manufacturer.

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Its regular for me. I have no interest in COD1 (beat it already). And for the price of prestige I can buy 2 games here so that's an obvious no for me (also night vision? really?! WTF!).

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If there are two things I disliked about the game, they would have to be the plot twist (not the girlfriend related one) and the last boss. A shame to be honest, since I really liked the rest of the game.

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@Ineedaname said:
" Having played through it today, I took this during my play as I liked it.

Yes! Awesome game! Also mad props for Icewind Dale 2.
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Exploring and trying different gameplay approaches. The one I've been doing lately is combining a maxed out sneak skill with a Chinese stealth suit (Operation Anchorage DLC). Which in effect makes me completely invisible regardless of the outside factors. I can be sitting right in front of the mutant overlord and play radio while having my flash light on and he'd have no idea I'm there. Headshots from stealth are some of the most satisfying kills I had in the game.
Also I personally found some of the best quests in the game to be outside of the main story arc.