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So even LESS interactive than their current stuff.

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I can see this being the beginning of the end for Everquest

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So what does this mean for like subscriptions and stuff?

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The best thing they ever gave away was the Zelda collection thing for Gamecube with Zelda 1, 2, OoT, and Majora's Mask. All I needed was I think 2 codes from Gamecube games and I got it for free. Then I let my cousin borrow it and I never saw it again :(

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Squeenix has straight up come out and said the exclusivity deal has a time limit and Microsoft has said it's exclusive for Holiday 2015. It's coming to PC and PS4 after that

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As if Halo 5 will go any better

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The Mass Effect 3 story was already bad enough

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@turtlebird95: Tomb raider, Forza, and it's supposed to be the "place to play" Dragon Age

TR will be on everything else after it's xbone holiday exclusivity expires, and the "place to play" Dragon Age is and always has been the PC

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@the_nubster said:

@artisanbreads said:

@subwayd: Apparently you make one weak game and you aren't any good. Also, a Xbox exclusive from a company that's been Sony exclusive forever probably caused backlash. I too have always been excited for this game. Always has looked fun.

It's not that it's an Insomniac game and it's not that it's an exclusive, like so many people seem to think when this game gets roughed up a little bit.

There was a lot of gameplay shown that soured a huge group of people on it. It had a wicked reveal, but they made the mistake of showing it before the movement was perfected and, as a result, people were turned off by it. Throw some iffy humour on top of there and it's not unreasonable to think that people would be turned off by it.

I don't understand what's different about the movement. Looks absolutely the exact same as when they first showed it. Bouncing on stuff, sliding on rails, etc has always been there.

it was slow as molasses before. It's faster now but still pretty slow and has the most forgiving auto-aim ever devised apparently.

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as if they PS4 isn't also going to be discounted now