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@Abyssfull: I'm not saying that the concept isn't for you, I'm saying that the design of it isn't for you. All of the criticisms you have are factual, but they're rooted in design decisions. They're entirely intentional, so while the general idea of the game may be for you, the actual design isn't.

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Repeat after me: "I should've bought The Darkness II instead." And that's all i have to say, because i've bought The Darkness II instead of KoA:R.

I got both. Loved The Darkness II (SO GOOD), but I'm having a really good time in Amalur. It seems to me like all your problems with Amalur are direct design decisions that were done completely intentionally, not mistakes that just happened. I guess the game just isn't for you. It happens.

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From the current livestream...

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From the current livestream...

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@Rolyatkcinmai said:

S ranked it when it came out, and again the night the DLC was released.

Yep. Because it's awesome.

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@SteamPunkJin: None of those things are true. I did all of those challenges after level 50 without going into Mayhem and have the S-Rank.

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I had never played Demon's Souls, because I don't have a PS3, but I bought Dark Souls on 360 on day one and beat it in less than a week.

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It's a really really good game while it lasts...

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So many awards... The suspense...


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@Dagbiker: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Love it.