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People have a right to be cynical about pre-order DLC, but isn't that because pre-order DLC has been mostly garbage?

I don't think this is the case at all. People are against pre-order DLC because it's completely anti-consumer. It's trying to force your hand into making an uninformed purchasing decision because of the threat that you won't have access to potentially interesting content later.

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Heya. Premium member, always logged in, but it seems like whenever I restart my computer the GB player quality preference resets to "High" instead of "HD."

I don't have my cookies set to clear or anything like that, and all other settings stay (Dark theme, embiggened, etc etc). Hope this can get sorted!

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Well, I did a little something myself.

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@arrested_developer: Are you sure he wasn't smoking cigars, laughing, and burning a portion of that truckload of money on a BBQ grill?

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The water levels were some of the best in Rayman Origins.


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Here's an example of how it comes out.

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You can force tiledshot to a keybinding, but it doesn't work right in this game. You get a really weird puzzle piece looking image. I'll post an example in a bit.

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@dungbootle: Yeesh. That's a little excessive. So does that basically mean that smaller games are basically exempt from having header images, unless you can find a way to dig in and make some REALLY expansive explanations on a really basic premise?

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What is the point prerequisite? I've done some editing in the past so I've got a fair amount of points I think. I like to take high res screenshots that I think would work great as header images, and I'd like to try one out.