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I've fixed it. Deleted MGSV from PS4 then installed it again stopped the update (Vers. 1.01) now my saved game has loaded. :)

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I've been playing MGSV since Thursday went to reload my game after downloading the new patch (ver. 1.01) and it just get stuck on the loading screen. Anybody else who got the game had this problem?

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@chumley_marchbanks said:

I'm always really skeptical of sites like this, particularly when have they shit like this...

In over 95% of cases, we email our customers CD Key(s) in less than 5 minutes of the order being placed – which is one of the reasons we were voted the UK’s Best Independent Retailer of the year in 2013!*

*Source –UK MCV Awards 2013

If someone does try it, do let us know though as I am interested.

I've just done it got my key and I'm downloading it now, its only the second time I have used this site. The first was when they were selling Devil May Cry for £12.99 too after somebody found the deal and posted it on Giant Bomb

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When Jeff said on his blog "hey, I'm making this website called Giant Bomb."

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Never had any problems with it.

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R.I.P Ryan You will be truly missed. Feels like a member of my family has died :(

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Rubbish music.

So I'm guessing Bruno Mars will be at E3 instead of Usher this year?