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I'm always really skeptical of sites like this, particularly when have they shit like this...

In over 95% of cases, we email our customers CD Key(s) in less than 5 minutes of the order being placed – which is one of the reasons we were voted the UK’s Best Independent Retailer of the year in 2013!*

*Source –UK MCV Awards 2013

If someone does try it, do let us know though as I am interested.

I've just done it got my key and I'm downloading it now, its only the second time I have used this site. The first was when they were selling Devil May Cry for £12.99 too after somebody found the deal and posted it on Giant Bomb

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@milkman said:

When Jeff said on his blog "hey, I'm making this website called Giant Bomb."

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@humanity said:

Never had any problems with it.

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R.I.P Ryan You will be truly missed. Feels like a member of my family has died :(

Loading Video...

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Rubbish music.

So I'm guessing Bruno Mars will be at E3 instead of Usher this year?

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Didn't Vinny played it during the last Unprofessional Friday? It's members only, though. But that counts as a Quick Look of sorts, right?

Yeah Vinny did. It was hilarious :D