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Looks cool, but I don't usually have the patience for games where I have to spend too much time creating things.

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Hey, you're on Planet Fallout... check it out...
As for the vault part itself, I think it was okay, "Dad" is pretty interesting, but thinking back to my first game I don't think I was all that concerned about him once I found out he left (I mean I wasn't surprised about it, if you were following Fallout 3 at that time it was common knowledge). I wish that Dad was more prominent in the main story but that is probably one of Fallout 3's greatest weaknesses is that the main story is not all that great compared to all the other stuff you could be doing in the wasteland.
The first character I played was good so I saved Butch's mother and ignored the Overseer. The second time tho, I told Butch to "fuck off" and then shot his ass. Choice is the driving factor in Fallout 3 and the vault is a nice introduction to that.

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I'm not a huge fan of WaW, but new map usually suck me back in for a week or two...

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That was a great analysis of the game Art. I pretty much felt the same way as you... the unexplored planets are a bore, not to mention the MAKO (the buggy) is just not designed well enough to handle some of the seemingly randomized geography of the planets. Would it have killed them to put in a tree or a river here or there? I also agree the missions were lame... I go to the Earth's moon and the base there is the same as the base on a planet in another solar system?

If you'd like you can read my full thoughts in my personal review. In there I do mention that I too thought that the dialog wheel was overly simplified, but I didn't mind so much because of the results of the choices always seemed to play out interestingly. Of course there is the bit about the MAKO, the slightly clunky inventory menus, the planets, the lame teammate AI and pretty much all that stuff that sort of tarnished a REALLY great game.

I hope that Mass Effect 2 is closer to the ideal vision they had for the first game. It already looks promising and I am excited that you can play your Shepard from the first game in the 2nd, that's a neat feature.

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It looks good, the front page and the bombcast page especially... but... I am not a fan of the new profile "summary" page. Now that I have linked my Twitter account there are TOO MANY status updates on that page. I would like it if there was a setting that could limit the amount of status updates to maybe a numerical amount, so on my settings page I could enter "5" and only have 5 status updates show.

Second of all I would like to see the friends updates on the summary page. It is kind of cool that they are on the front page, but I'd like them in my profile for easier access once I am there.

I'm sure I will get used to the new layout, but those two things are about the only things I could complain about. Good Work.

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That's why you post disclaimers in bold lettering above every one of your personal lists...

Drive it home on the readers. I don't know how many times I had to write PERSONAL in my top 50 games list and I even have one for my end of year awards. Just make sure they know for a damn fact that this is your friggin' list and you won't stand for it otherwise.

Make it BOLD and make sure it is the first thing they have to read before anything else.
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I have already pre-ordered Gears of War 2, so that's my pick for this week.

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Too bad about the points, but I will agree with you about that helicopter mission, it took me multiple tries too, not as long or as many as you, but enough that I was getting just as upset (urge to toss the controller crossed my mind). The trick I discovered was to get rid of the enemy copters as fast as possible and it seemed after about three or so of them the game stopped sending them.

That mission is just not designed as well as some of the others, I remember saying something like this as reached the final mission.. "This is so easy I'll finish it in no time... as long as I don't have to fly a helicopter..." then what happens... After getting mad I started bitching: "they ruined the whole game... I was having fun and it was so easy, then they had to make me fly this damn helicopter..." I managed to get over it after I calmed down though.

Anyway, hope you enjoy Fable 2, Denis. :) (I personally have been for the last couple days).