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A Tough, Heavy Hitting Shooter With A Chainsaw Bayonet 0

Gears of War is an amazing playing shooter from developer Epic Games. Let’s get this out of the way right now: this game is nothing short of a masterpiece. The great control scheme and amazing sound and graphics make Gears a must-have and the first true “killer-app” for the Xbox 360. Gears of War starts of when your character Marcus Fenix is busted out of prison by his buddy Dominic Santiago, after going through this training level getting to the chopper the story’s biggest plot point is reviled...

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Cool Sci-Fi World, Great Story, Your Way 0

Developer BioWare, famous for such games as Neverwinter Nights and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, it looks to continue to that pedigree with their latest title Mass Effect. The most important part of an RPG is its storyline and Mass Effect delivers, with a Sci-Fi Space Opera of universe shattering proportions. You play as Commander Shepard, this man or woman, can look anyway that you desire with the fairly in depth character designer. After a short first mission you become the first Hum...

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Bad Writing, Fun Battle System = Great RPG? 0

The Legend of Dragoon was an RPG released for the Sony Playstation back in 2000, it featured some nice graphics, a cool story, one of the most enjoyable RPG battle engines in a long time, but the localization/translation of the game’s text is what impacts this game the most in the long run. The game starts as most Japanese RPG’s do, innocently, a young man named Dart has returned from a quest to avenge his parent’s deaths at the hands of the Black Monster to find his country in a time of war. Hi...

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Black Looks Good, Explodes Good, But Plays OK. 0

Black is the first, first person shooter (FPS) from Criterion Games and EA, it does a lot of things really well but lacks in the depth department and wears thin after it's all said and done. The story of Black puts you in the shoes of Sgt First Class, Jack Keller. When the game first starts you have been put in custody for an apparent mission gone wrong and are being debriefed by this stereotypical military "suit" character (who also has the gruff typical voice to match) and the story, if you ca...

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