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I'm thinking of using it for industry... if I can work out how to move it.

So much depth and complexity in this game while simultaneously being very slow. It's interesting. I like it.

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Want to buy some plagioclase?

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Heya, applying.

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New engine? Please?

I know how big an ask that is, but as much as I love the gameplay of Fallout 3 and Skyrim (when it works) it's more than little bit creaky.

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Microsoft store says $399 and Amazon says $479 for Sunset Overdrive bundle. Has anyone spotted it at $349?

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Very well written, Jeff.

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I don't think it's Dark Souls he hates so much as it is all of videogames and the devotion they can create in players jumping through the arbitrary game hoops. He's saying there's no value in it.

The next stage is to realize the same thing can be said of all of life and you have to create your own value.

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Oh man.

So heartbreaking. I met him once, and he was kind and funny. I listened to him for hundreds of hours worth of podcasts and felt like he was a friend. Nothing compared to his family, Giant Bomb and otherwise, but I will miss him. The world is lessened by his absence from it.

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And into this Xbox he poured his cruelty, his malice and his will to dominate all life. One Xbox to rule them all.

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Set it in a time period and location that has, you know, buildings and shit to climb on.