Backwards Compatible: the Graphical Dilemma

Hey all

It's been awhile since I posted but...yeah..never mind lets jump to the topic at hand

I've noticed that for last couple of months that the talk of new consoles has come up, specifically the need for them. Comments like "looks good for a current gen game" are now becoming more and more prevalent on both here and other sites for games coming out now, something that rubs me the wrong way.

 One such example of "it's looks good for a current gen game"

I understand the need to push technology forward to deliver more engrossing and interactive experiences, at the same time why is we (as gamers and technology users) want to push ahead to the next level when things begin to visually age? I know most of us who use a controller (whether mouse and keyboard or console game pad) to relieve stress learn visually but games aren't only a single dimensional experience.

 It is awesome to look at but is that all games are?
Now I have a clue of what you could be thinking as you read this....Ok, I know games are not all about the visuals since I've have some awesome experiences this generation but that battlefield looks sick and  I know the 360 can't pull that off. I agree with you but at the same time why are we only asking for better looking games? Why are we salivating over a graphically impressive video but not wondering how different this game will be from the Modern Warfare's and Black Ops? More Importantly why are we as gamers asking the question of when are the bugs that have existed since the PS1 era going to be eradicated as a whole  i.e; clipping through walls, lip synching and skeletal mistakes. Games that look great are awesome and indeed they are a great feat, especially when the hardware improves so that the bare minimum blows the last generation out of the water, but how about games that not only just look good we all demand that games work better too?

But hey that's just what I think. I mean that's what these blogs are for right?


Backwards Compatible: Death of the brawler?

Hey all, 
Have you ever been playing a game and got a flashback of another game while playing it? of course you have or else you wouldn't be here. What came to me while playing Lego: Batman? the brawler genre of games, remember those magical games that kept your attention at the arcade when you weren't playing sports/fighting games?  the original co-op experience. It's been said on the bombcast quite a number of times that the brawler genre is dead, I disagree. The brawler isn't dead it, like many genres through the years, it has evolved.  
During the "cartridge/arcade boom" days the brawler was simply side scrolling action games that used fists and melee weapons instead of guns. Over the years the brawler has undergone a evolution, gone were the moving 2d backgrounds and in it's place were fully rendered 3d plane worlds that could be interacted with but for some reason, for some people these games are no longer a brawler but I say yes they are.  Take the game that spark this debate Lego: Batman most of the gaming community would call it an action game, but playing through it I got the same feeling that I remembered having when I playing another batman game from the early 90's, The Adventures of Batman & Robin, another brawler and one of the half decent superhero games that came out during the genesis/SNES era of gaming. The same kind of gameplay, the same fisticuff action, the same one two-punch of batman & robin and the same kinda-hard boss fights, the difference? one is 2d brawler and the other 3d action/platformer, now granted there are some big differences. The Lego Batman game has the extra added elements of Lego Universe and the encouragement of replaying the game but really other than that I consider Lego: Batman is a new age brawler. 
So is the brawler genre(or sub genre of action) of games dead or missing.....I say no but that's just my opinion... 


Backwards Compatible: It's the little things....

I got my 360 back and promptly retired my ps2, well at least for the time being since if Persona 5 comes out on the ps2 then or I get my hands on a copy of persona 4 then I'll whip it back at out.  
Since getting my 360 back I've went back to the stacks and rented my friend's copy of prince of persia and I have to say...that game is quite simply beautiful and not just technically I mean just artistically...the game is just awe inspiring. The game itself is great to play but the art style and art direction on that game is just the standout quality. That game is the epitome of less is more, Prince of Persia is just a story. There is combat and puzzle but at it's core it's just a interactive tale, there is no upgrading of equipment and skills, it's either you know how to fight and solve this puzzle or you don't. For me I happen to like that game for that direction. 
Now I went from to a simple game just telling a story with beautiful scenery to Mass Effect, a decidedly more complex game but still fun to play none the less. Going from a game that had no rpg aspects to a rpg game is quite a trick, especially a space opera like Mass Effect, especially with all the things you can adjust and plot out and assign to you and your crew of military misfits. The things I like about mass effect are some of the things I like about Prince...the way the story is told. The characters and how the main characters interact with them. The ending...I know the ending of Prince of Persia is kinda like giving players the finger but still at the same time I can understand the reason behind it, Mass Effect is just what an ending for a game like that should be no matter what ending you got. 
ehh....that's all I got right now.....until next time


Backwards Compatible pt.2

Ok so last week I said that my 360 died on me and that I sent it back. I also said that was going backwards cause I don't own a ps3 and started playing my ps2 again. So basically this is a update, I have to call myself publicly, for all of Giant Bomb to hear, an Idiot. I jumped to the 360 maybe a year after it was out and I pretty much abandoned my ps2, I mean sure I would pop a game in it a couple of times but most of my game playing time was spent on the 360. So with my 360 down and nuthin but the ps2 to keep me company, and my computer since I'm currently on a job hunt, I was able to go back into my vault and pick up some games I haven't touched or haven't touched since my short game attention turned towards something else. Going through 007 Everything or Nothing, Mark of Kri, Ultimate Spider-man, and finally Rise of the Kasai (Which I'll probably review sometime this week) was nothing short of fun and just as an enjoyable feeling that I get from my 360. Don't get me wrong I enjoy my 360 the sheer number of things I can do with it but it is always good to look back every once and a while specially if you like me have some unfinished business.

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Backwards Compatible

So my 360 died on me....the first time for me ever. I gotta say even if the very fact that it died is a problem, I had no problem sending it back....until later that night I looked at the dead console and just felt a feeling of betrayal "Dude why are you so mean to me?" I thought as a looked at it. But after sending it back I dug back into my ps2 collection of games and realized that there was a gigantic number of games I didn't complete. So on one side I lost my current game device and lost all the steam I built up to play any games on 360 and on the other I have a reason to continue playing my old's funny how a system failure does more good than harm.