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@silan: Here's what I've got. Italicized portions are unclear. Transcriber notes are either wiki links when straightforward, or square-bracketed when more complex. Please feel free to comment on possible fixes.

Fantastic work! I had a few notes and possible fixes—mostly attempts to crack some of D-Leezy's unintelligible rhymes.


We're gonna just blaze, B (I believe this is “With a Just Blaze beat”)


Killin' from the forties still two decades later

Say peace to Jimi Hendrix, say good, see you later [I'm not sure what these last three lines are referencing. Maybe something about Wolfenstein.] (Yeah, it is about Wolfenstein. I didn’t do the right playthrough for this, but there’s a character in Wolfenstein that’s basically Jimi Hendrix. “Killin’ from the forties still two decades later” references Wolfenstein’s plot, which starts in 1946 and jumps to 1960.)


Ree-ska why you need to scratch that puzzlin' itch ("Threes! got what you need to scratch...")

Jam clone stoppin' fred from gettin' old money, rich [no idea.] (Where you hear “Fred”, I believe he's actually saying “Greg,” presumably Greg Wohlwend, one of the developers of Threes! If it weren’t for clones like 2048, he’d have certainly gotten richer. "Jam clone" may refer to the fact that 2048 looks like a game-jam game—hastily produced.)


Dr. Game about Games, Just Blaze breeze buffoon! [very unclear. Dr. Game & Watch, maybe? ...] (I believe it’s “Just Blaze brings the boom!”—just another reference to Just Blaze’s contribution of the beat. No idea about the Dr. Game bit.)


How you all spell it, best friend (Sounded like “Tell it, yell it, spell it.")


Again, you rock!

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@jdci said:

That list of 25 annoys me.

I don't want to say that the female issue is a small one, but what about minorities in games?

What about the racism online cause im a person of colour?

Where are the AAA games who have empowering black people as a lead?

Most of the times black people are side characters, or so much a stereotype that it's just insulting.

The few positives I can think of are Connor in AC3, Adewale in AC:BF DLC, and Aveline in the AC handheld game.

Meanwhile we have Tombraider, all the FF13 games, Metroid etc etc.

It irks me that the quesion/discussion isn't broadend, it comes across as if being a person of colour is less important than being a female.

I probably am saying it all wrong, but I really really hope I can play a AAA game soon which has a positive black person as a lead.

If my niece wants to play a game as a female lead in a positive role I have options.

If my nephew want's to play a game with a person of his colour in the lead then what?

Again, I'm am not disagreeing with the issue brought up, I just don't understand why this is purely focused on women, while the issue can be broadend.

I absolutely agree that the issues you list are relevant. However, I don't think it's fair to lambast a video focused on a specific issue for not addressing other issues. Focus is important for communication, especially in such a short format. The video is about one topic—maybe not the most important topic in video games, certainly not the most important topic in the entire spectrum of injustice or inequality—but that's the topic they chose. Crucially, it doesn't present itself as a comprehensive look at everything wrong with the video game community, just an examination of one particular facet.

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Ryan had so much energy, enthusiasm, and love of life that to me, in a dumb sort of way, he seemed immortal. A force of nature. Like, there's gravity, thermodynamics, and Ryan Davis on the Bombcast. And I say this as someone, like many here, who had no personal relationship with him. Just that voice every Tuuuuuesday, that energy that made his Quick Looks end a little too quickly, that overwhelming charisma. A light so strong I thought it would never burn out, but of course, reality has a way of being a goddamn asshole. To those who truly knew him, I can't imagine what it must be like to have him gone. I can only add my voice to that of the community and offer my deepest condolences to his friends and family—and to say thank you, Ryan Davis, for so many laughs and good times.

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When I was at the scene with the white phosphorous mortar, I was going slowly enough (I was on Easy to get through it, and I don't see well so I'm used to looking very closely) that I could tell, without a doubt, that those were civilians before I bombed them. They were grouped too close, they were clearly in a sheltered area, and they were milling about harmlessly in a way that soldiers wouldn't be in that situation. The sounds of gunfire had died down; I was safe, but the game still demanded that I clear out that group. (Were they next to a vehicle you had to destroy? I don't remember precisely.)

In some ways, I felt a bit cheated that I had to make an obvious mistake to continue—and in other ways it was effective, because the action was fully deliberate. But it was only deliberate in a "meta" sense; I was doing it to move the game forward, not completing my mission or saving my squad's lives. It probably would have been different if I wasn't on Easy and had to think faster, but regardless, some of the impact was lost on me.

When Williams says he doesn't agree with the idea that "the player should be able to do whatever the player wants and the world should adapt itself to the player’s desire," I see where he's coming from, but there are risks. At that moment, I, as the player, wanted to back away from the mortar, rappel down and get the civilians to safety. I couldn't do that. I haven't felt that strongly resistant to a game's critical path in a long while, perhaps ever. It cast the rest of the game in a different light than many people experienced it, I expect.

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I think the real news here is that Alex wrote a straightforward, humorless headline.

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@TheDudeOfGaming said:

Once, a long time ago, there was a great developer. It was only known as BioWare, it released such classics as Baldur's Gate, KOTOR and Neverwinter Nights. Even it's newer RPGs, like Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Origins were great. But then...then came Mass Effect 2. And after that Dragon Age 2. Now, a new dawn beckons, and new developers take BioWares place. We greet you Bethesda and CD Projekt Red.

Once, two years before Baldur's Gate was released, there was a developer called Bethesda Softworks and a game called The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. Don't get me wrong, I love the BioWare classics, but Bethesda isn't exactly new to the game.

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At first I wanted to complain about the price they're asking for five hours of single-player content. Then I remembered how I said nothing about the Half-Life 2 episodes and how satisfied I was with those purchases. $15 is fine.

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@Zippedbinders said:

I've never understood the complaints over the Meat Circus, its honestly not that hard.

However, all this updating is fantastic news. Time to go through Psychonauts an eighth time.

In an absolute sense, compared to other games, no, the Meat Circus is probably not that hard. But relative to the rest of Psychonauts, it comes out of nowhere. You've got a fun, lighthearted game with a lazy difficulty curve and all sorts of fascinating art direction, collectibles, and hilarious tidbits to distract your focus from the very forgiving platforming. Then, you get to the Meat Circus and now you've got to pay attention to those jumps. People complain about the Meat Circus because it's just not the game they've been playing for the previous eight hours. I'm with you in that I didn't find it hard, but I can certainly see where the complaints come from.

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@august said:

@benjaebe said:

@Kyle said:

WOW. That's amazing. You know, I don't think I've ever described the actions of game company as evil, but if I were to, this would probably be it.

It's not just Sony though. Valve, for example, has had the same thing in their EULA forever. It's probably fairly common and the only reason people are realizing it now is that they changed their EULA to have it and, following the PSN hacking thing, people have been paying attention to stuff that Sony does.

Cite please.



Steam Subscriber Agreement, Section 10. Caps Lock is theirs. Disclaimer: I am by no means a contract expert, so I don't know if that clause is in the same ballpark or not.

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It makes lots of sense! There are other people with powers like Cole who are... nocturnal and like to use Bio Leech? Except with blood? Ah, whatever, Undead Nightmare was awesome for RDR, so that's enough precedent for me to not dismiss strange-sounding DLC immediately.

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