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I agree that the honesty is much appreciated, especially coming from someone who bought the PC release. That being said Patrick, I really think you should be holding Steam just as accountable as Microsoft or Sony for allowing a totally broken game to be sold on their service. Is there just no QA on the seller's side anymore? It's hard to believe that (as someone who meets all of the recommended system requirements according to Steam and has an Nvidia card) someone could have started up AC:U and played for more than an hour without noticing the huge frame-rate and crashing issues present.

I really hope that in the future console manufacturers and online marketplaces like Steam will have to accept some accountability for these sorts of problems, but somehow I doubt that will take place. I can't complain though, I did get a refund from Steam despite their policies about that.

P.S. You should edit your title duder, it says Ubisof!

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Alex you piece of trash all this did was make me miss TANG.

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Dear Patrick, Rocketgirl is an XBLIG. That's all.

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This totally blows. KoA:R was fun and I would've really liked to see some more stuff come out of this studio aside from another MMO that would've gone f2p in a couple months anyway.

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When is the Second Bomcast Coming?

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When does this actually come out? Also I hope Jeff brings up his idea of RFID figures during the bombcast because I would much rather pay 8 bucks and get an Ezio DLC costume figurine that then also has the dlc costume for the game on it than just pay 4 bucks for some stupid skin.

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I guess I should've expected this from an SNK boss but I was still pretty surprised and annoyed when I finally got to Mizuchi in arcade mode and with a 1/4 health on CPU 1 he still managed to destroy me over and over. No matter who I fight him with I can't seem to take him down. Does beating arcade mode unlock anything aside from an achievement, because at this point I think I might not even bother. He can spam his projectile attack so quickly that I can't even get near him, and he does ludicrous damage.

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Matthew Rorie I implore you to do an Endurance Run of this game with Vinny. It would light the internet on fire. You two could be paving the way for Dark Souls players everywhere.