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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

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Gunnar is stoked for you duder.

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@diz: Super good points! I would only say that the obvious difference being that live performance artists perform in front of living people. The point of their art is the reaction. Being a game maker you dont consider your public status while you design and code. With these indy guys becoming their own brands it seems like, fairly or unfairly, they are under more scrutiny. People dont read up on the new Polytron game or the new Number None project. They read what Phil FIsh and Jonathan Blow are up to. Again, really enjoyed the reply. Very excellent points.

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@clonedzero: I pretty much agree with you only I adored Fez. I don't really care one way or the other about Phil per se. I was just reacting to our community's cannibalistic urges. I just think Phil is an artist. I dont get the impression he does what he does for the money which in this day of micro-transactions and DRM fuckery is a good thing. I root for guys like Phil even if he is a little abrasive.

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I always hug white girls. I want in.

PSN: DontTrustWhitey

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Strapped it on

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As someone who doesnt have many real life friends I have always saw the whole crew as my buddies. This hurts to hear. RIP Ryan. You had more friends than you ever even met.

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Welcome home duder.