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#1 Posted by Altagrave (49 posts) -

I'm guessing you let the hydra kill the crystal golems and rinse & repeat?

#2 Posted by Altagrave (49 posts) -

Farming Souls in sewers to buy the uncurse. Getting one shotted by rats.

#3 Posted by Altagrave (49 posts) -

the priority the auto-target in this game when facing multiple enemies in melee range is total retard. I can kill an enemy that's right in front of me, and the reticule will jump to an enemy behind me when there's one right in front of me, but it's just a little bit farther and it screws me up so bad.

But you need it to block, so w/e, have to live with it.

#4 Posted by Altagrave (49 posts) -

You can kick it down after you kill the Tauros demon and run past the hall with the fire-breathing dragon.

#5 Posted by Altagrave (49 posts) -

@SirPsychoSexy said:

I also had trouble aiming my crossbow, I tried everything. Maybe manual aiming only works with regular bows?

This is true.

#6 Posted by Altagrave (49 posts) -

Been playing a lot of portable games lately.  Mainly RPGs though.
Order of Ecclesia - pretty darn good for a Castlevania game. Though, I don't like that it's a bunch of different locations rather than a huge map like previous ones.
DQIX - it certainly lives up to it's reputation.
Valkyria Chronicles 2 - I don't mind the school setting and the "slice-of-life" like story it's turning out to be and the gameplay's a decent transition from console.  Changing classes is the worst thing about this game though.

#7 Posted by Altagrave (49 posts) -

try it out for a few cycles and see if you can stick with for another 3 years.

#8 Posted by Altagrave (49 posts) -

I thought you were taking about a visual novel until I saw the photos lol

#9 Posted by Altagrave (49 posts) -

That guy has some balls.

#10 Posted by Altagrave (49 posts) -

probably a 1 or close to 0.
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