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Man that laugh sounds like Cody when he's throwing stones.

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@humanity: More to the point, something about the art style of this game just looks wrong. Her hands are way too small, to give you one example.

Yeah it's just a shitty design. I don't think the outfit by itself is too bad but the character looks messed up.

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So this is a service for crazy people. Got it.

Ok hear me out,

What if they expand the catalog to PS1 and PS2 games and maybe play with the pricing a little bit and you have decent internet. You have friends over and you start talking about old games you used to play and how fun it would be to check that out. So everyone is drinking and having a good time then you pop on PSNOW and pay a couple bucks to play one of those games everyone was talking about. You didnt have to go to a store and break the mood or order a copy off Ebay with there being a strong possibility by the time it showed up nobody would even care to play anymore. Its a very specific use case but otherwise incredibly convenient and cheaper.

So it's a service for crazy people. Got it.

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This "Brad is the host now" thing was funny for a bit, but please don't take the joke too far. I love the dude, but one of his most endearing traits is his lack of energy. Someone like Drew or Dan would be a better ringleader in Jeff's absence.

I don't think it's a joke.

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@alex: I bet they're all really good.

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I am not saying you can't have your opinion! I am glad people have different opinions. I am just saying that I feel like people overlook many things about this game because of the fact that it is Naughty Dog, because of the fact it was something to rally behind before the new console generation, and because of the fact that at that point in time, Sony fandom was at an all time high due to the controversy surrounding the Xbox.

When I said "People don't realize what they are saying" I meant that they don't pick their words carefully. As I pointed out, the speech surrounding the acclaim for this game is very hyperbolic. Within days of it coming out, people were calling it the best game EVER made. Think about that statement. It is a good game. No, I'll even say it is a great game. If someone truly believes that it is, sure. They can believe that and good on them. I am happy they enjoyed something that much. I just happen to disagree!

I agree with you that it is difficult to judge a game in the greater context of things until a certain amount of time has passed and sure some people were maybe a little too quick on this.

The Last of Us is by no means a perfect game, it is far from it but I have also read a great amount of often valid criticism even in this comment section. In the end the general consensus mostly seems to be that the positive aspects greatly outweigh the negative ones which is why you might get the impression that the negative points are being overlooked.

As for the fact that it is made by Naughty Dog that may have been part of it at first considering the success of Uncharted but there wasn't as much of a backlash as for let's say Bioshock Infinite and I was personally very surprised by The Last of Us because I could never get into the Uncharted games as much as other people seemed to. I thought they were good games but not more than that.

In the end I just strongly dislike the term "overrated" for reasons I stated in my last comment. So thanks for the clarification, I see what exactly you mean now.

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Everything doesn't have to be inventive, true. But if people claim that this is the game of a generation, it damn well better be. And to your point that this game is amazing because you have two or three options to take on a situation? A lot of games have that. Turok had that. TUROK. Do you think Turok is amazing because it allows choice? I'm just saying that people seem to blow this game out of proportion and speak very hyperbolic about it without realizing what they are saying; I enjoyed my time with it, it was good. But it was repetitive, and by the end I was glad it was ending so it didn't fully wear out its welcome.

It depends on your definition of what the game of the generation is supposed to be which is always going to be subjective. For me personally innovation is certainly a bonus but it doesn't make or brake it. Last of Us is not on the top of my list but it's certainly second or third.

Why? Simply because I liked every aspect of it. I liked how the characters were displayed, I enjoyed the story a lot and most of all the gameplay felt great. I had a lot of tense moments, I died quite a few times and still felt like I had control over the situation. There is a lot of room to improvise, on the higher difficulties you often have to and it works which is why I played through it two times already and why I'm going to do a third run for sure. People are not blowing this game out of proportion simply because you didn't have a great time with it.

It's the reason why I don't like the word "overrated" because it's based on the notion that people are wrong to like something as much as they do because you don't. Also what do you mean with "without realizing what they are saying"? They're saying that they think it is among the best games if not the best of the generation. I agree. You do not. We can have a discussion on why we disagree but in the end both our opinions are equally valid.

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Were you able to kill Clickers by melee weapons before? I think I played the entire game thinking it's an auto-death if you just touch them.

You could always kill them with melee weapons but if they get too close you're dead if you didn't purchase the one shiv skill.

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@brad: No there weren't more enemies on hard. That's not how it works.

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What? You want to know if we've done anything to fix the broken pacing and poor mission structure of the previous games in the franchise?



I really like how Unity looks and I am probably going to play it but I'm totally with you. Black Flag broke me in that regard. The missions in that game are so incredibly tedious and boring that I could not bring myself to finish it.

The improved stealth is most certainly a step in the right direction but I'm really not feeling the idea of sidemissions that have a "best suited for x players" description. I feel like the narrative is going to suffer from that and I don't like having that stuff in the singleplayer. I found the missions in AC2, Brotherhood and even Revelations to be fairly decent with a few highlights like the bard mission in Revelations but since AC3 there is barely anything other than eavesdrop and "follow that dude" missions which are always terrible.

I don't give a shit about the characters anymore and while Kenway was a slight improvement they can do a lot better. Sadly the new protagonist doesn't look very interesting either. They really have to shake it up and for me a female protagonist would have been a step in that direction (like in Liberation but with an actual game around it). I could be wrong and I hope I am, maybe Arno, or whatever that guy's name is, will turn out great but at the moment I'm more than sceptical. But as I said, it looks gorgeous so it's got that going for it.