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Yo that looks awesome.

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I have to say that I really liked Alex on this. It was great to have somebody take Brad to task with his games. When Brad got DOTA on the list last year and everybody just sat there and didn't argue with him upset me a little. But with the added people on here it was a knockdown drag out fight with people seriously arguing for their picks. I love Alex for that.

Came here to post this. Alex was the MVP of the goty discussions for me even when I didn't care about the games he was arguing for.

Some of the arguments Brad brought forward in favor of Destiny were pretty ludicrous. I don't think it's a good idea to award a AAA game like Destiny with a spot on this list when there are so many things wrong with it (not just the quantity of the content) while cutting games like Divinity. In the end it's their list and I'm fine with that, I'm just glad Alex (and Patrick) were there to call bullshit on some of the stuff that came up even if Brad ultimately got what he wanted.

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You're awesome Cara! Great fun reading this list.

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Jeff plays a game he's barely touched or seen for 6 years and then complains when he's not skilful enough to pull off the the Omega changes outside of single moves.

Gee, what were the chances of that happening...

Always a treat.

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"I have to get groceries and walk them back?!"

Oh America, you so silly...

Once again, not "America". America is a big place. It is also known as The United States of America. Even some of those individual states are really big. Like, "Takes a day to drive across" big. With all that size comes disparate cultures, peoples, and habits. Just because people in San Francisco are used to having everything done for them and complain for hours when they can't get their half-caf, mocha whip, frappucino in under two minutes, that doesn't go for the rest of the country.

There are still parts of this country where we grow our own food and work damn hard for it, then we go to our daily jobs and work even harder to earn money for the rest of the things we need.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm tired of being lumped in with people who are nothing like me whenever someone says "America".

It's usually mockingly uttered by Europeans who think all Americans are complete idiots while themselves having a very limited understanding of the vast number of social differences between even neighboring states, not to the mention opposing coasts. The lack of understanding goes both ways of course, but while most Americans don't know much about European culture and either don't care or are naively curious, most Europeans seem to come off as really condescending about it as if the idiots in America are somehow so much worse than the idiots inhabiting the rest of the world.

Sorry for the rant as well.

I'm from Germany and I completely agree with this. It's so incredibly baffling to me how many people here are condescending towards America as a whole while knowing next to nothing about it. I guess this goes both ways as you said (some of the offhand comments Jeff made caused me to raise my eyebrows though it's usually in good fun) but they're often times literally just listing stereotypes and when I ask them how they know this it's just "Well that's how it is". It's the kind of stuff that would be said mockingly about other (European) countries but when it comes to America they actually mean it. Granted that's not everybody but it's surprisingly common. There are obviously cultural differences but I thought we were a little bit better than that. I guess not.

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DmC >>>>>>>>>>> Devil May Cry 4

DMC4 >>>>>>>>>>>> DmC. I liked DmC don't get me wrong but there just isn't enough to the combat. It's good compared to most other character action games that are not made by platinum but it's not even close to the likes of Bayonetta or the other DMCs.

I'd argue that DMC4 has the best combat system of any character action game period. There is so much room for experimentation with the combination of weapon and style switching that you can put hundreds of hours into that game without mastering it. I also prefer the ridiculousness of DMC4 over the approach DmC took. Again, it was competently done but I miss stuff like the opera sequence in DMC4. I can absolutely understand why people prefer DmC over DMC4 and there is and was no reason at all for the hostility that the reboot caused but it's very much a different kind of game.

This video does a really good job showcasing why I love the previous games so much and why I didn't spend as much time with the reboot as I would have liked to.

Oh and regarding the special edition: I'm motivated!

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I wasn't sure after Walking Dead if I was done with these games so I played the Wolf Among Us. Seeing this, the familiar looking characters models, even the way the girl looks off to the side like so many characters do in these Tell Tale games - yah I'm done.

Maybe give Tales from the Borderlands a try, it has a very different tone compared to Telltale's more recent stuff. I'm looking forward to the second episode of that more than to this to be honest. If you're completely done with that kind of storytelling then it probably won't do much for you though.

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Great review Dan

Game seems fucking garbage



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Man, the Triple H hair looks disappointing!

Not the only thing that looks disappointing.

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I'm not surprised it's hard for Brad to go back to the "clunky" AC combat after playing Batman since they are different combat systems. Although they both work on the very simplistic principle of attacking and countering when a prompt comes up.

I don't want to be one of those people, although too late I guess, but Batman and Assassins Creed are very different games.

They are and I'm kind of tired of the Batman combat system but the combat in AC as it is now is just terrible and it only got worse from AC3 to Black Flag. Less options, less animations and more and more bugs like clipping, missing sound effects and weird physics. Unity tried to go for something different and failed. This just looks like Black Flag.

I would say with time they gave you more options. The first AC game only had countering and it was pretty useless to try any sort of offense. Since AC2 they started progressively moving away from the counter system and encouraging a more offensive playstyle by giving you more moves and gadgets. The hook in Revelations was a neat addition to combat.

Of course it's all a matter of opinion. Personally I don't think it's amazing but I also don't think it's terrible. I wish they added another "layer" so to speak but when it does work it's fairly cinematic and satisfying. I'm especially fond of the silent kills on unsuspecting guards.

They gave you more options up until AC3. Black Flag was a huge step back from what was a already fairly simple combat system and it doesn't look like Rogue fixes that.