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Please play through this game. I'll buy a copy of this if you do just to support it.

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Awesome, I can't wait to play through this game again. And again. I've played through the original 12 times I believe.

I still don't understand why they made 3 new characters instead of making this a better game... Like Dante's combat system in the game is INCREDIBLE. It's just the rest of the game is poop.

That's maybe a bit harsh. Though it could be a lot better, I won't argue with that. It's just that the combat is so fucking good that it doesn't really matter to me.

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The Arkham Knight sounds an awful lot like Troy Baker.

That's because it is him. I think he's also voicing Two-Face again so that's double the Baker! I hope they actually have a conversation together.

Doesn't he also voice the Joker in this? I could have sworn he previewed the voice at a convention panel to show how close to perfect it was.


That was regarding Origins - I think he auditioned specifically with the Killing Joke monologue.

He definitely did that bit at some con and he was absolutely killing it in Origins. He also voiced Joker in the Assault on Arkham animated movie (which is really entertaining by the way) and out of all the different Jokers I've seen in all of the other animated movies he's the best one. I hope he'll keep doing it in the future.

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I don't know why they focused on the dog, it's the worst looking thing in that trailer.

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This doesn't look good. At all.

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Goes to show that competetive/cooperative games just work the best for these kinds of segments. Always a fun watch. Part of it comes from Dan's glee and excitement whenever he has the chance to beat someone in something of course.

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I really wish i could make my own character in this game. Geralt is so generic to me.

And his voice sounds like every other character in games these days. Dark. Gruffy. GENERIC!

They're telling a story. AFAIK the voice has been the same all the way since the Witcher: EE

Exactly. I can only recommend the books, they're actually excellent. The previous games have done a really good job of portraying the character. They obviously took some liberties here and there but that is necessary since they don't follow the books though this one is closest to them. Ciri is the other major character in the books, she's great and I'm really looking forward to seeing what they do with her especially since she is playable as well. I do enjoy creating my own character but this is not the place for it.

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It's crazy how absolutely awesome this was. Vinny is not only super funny with Alex being the perfect wingman, but he's actually really good at the game! I know I still don't have the parry's down that well for whatever reason and Vinny was always a tank player so his performance is really impressive. For a little bit it looked like he was going to actually take Father G down on his first try!

Yeah him and Alex make a really good duo. Most of the content I watch these days is by GBeast. Always thought Alex should be in more video content and this and the quicklooks just prove it to me.

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I wish Vinny didn't feel under pressure to skip through basically all of the dialogue. I actually think it's making my enjoyment of this Quick Look worse, not better.

Agreed. I know he's doing it for the quicklook but it's an adventure game. Things are slow, it doesn't help if you jump around like crazy. Just show a slice or two of the game without rushing. Less is more in this case I feel.