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@ezekiel said:

Bring back the map challenges and let me play them as the other characters.

Exactly and don't make me pay for them (they're gonna make people pay for them).

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@altairre: Trickstuh! When I play Dante I'm constantly switching styles because it sounds hilarious.

Sure but to use it effectively like that is nuts. I played a lot of DMC4 but this is on a completely different level.

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Donguri's first SE video. It's still crazy to me how fast that guy switches styles. Like god dayum.

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Overview of that Red Bull thing:

And as if that wasn't gross enough in and of itself, here's an info snippet about the whole thing the retailers apparently got. The language probably isn't anything out of the ordinary for stuff like this, though that doesn't make me like it any more:

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@humanity said:

@jesus_phish: Although Kevins review is the outlier here I can relate to his criticisms. From the moment they started showing this game I thought the Batmobile looked completely out of place and unnecessary. Heck, I thought Arkham City was already unnecessarily too open. I don't think these games benefit from the faux-open-world setting in the slightest. Arkham Asylum was such a tight, well paced narrative experience and these later games seem to have lost a bit of that focus in favor of creating a largely needless sandbox in which all you do is beat up thugs.

They are different that's true but I really enjoyed the open world in Arkham City. The movement in that game flowed really well and the ability to just swoop down on fools was a joy. I also think that they gave the open world enough personality that I could recognize places and areas after spending enough time in it and overall they did a fine job integrating the story even if it isn't as well paced as Asylum. You can't avoid that in the open world. I'd argue it was a good decision to do the open world and try something new instead of just making a Asylum 2.

I do agree with you about the Batmobile though. They had a great way of moving around that felt true to the character and the car just feels like an unwelcome addition. The tank shooty parts look incredibly dull, I don't come to a Batman game to shoot things. Even the havoc you can wreak using tha Batmobile feels out of place even though it looks awesome. It's just a solution to a problem that wasn't there in the first place.

I have to say that the challenge maps and the new characters you can play as are the thing I'm looking forward to the most at this time. I spend a lot of time doing that stuff in city and I avoided enough of the Arkham combat clones (like Shadow of Mordor, which didn't click with me at all) that I could go for a really good version of that system again (probably the best one actually since I can't think of a game that did it as well as the Arkham games).

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@hassun: I feel you. I'm in the same boat.

Oh and it looks like they removed the overwiev section that listed Platinum as the developer with a few additional infos. Too late bestbuy.

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@hassun said:

Really disappointed that this is their new game. Especially considering their previous license game, The Legend of Korra, was not good at all.

At least this game is full price. So there's that.

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The cat is out of the bag. The new game is Transformers Devestation, a cel-shaded brawler. It is now listed on bestbuy (including screenshots and a few other details) after screenshots leaked today. This is kind of a huge bummer to me because I don't really care about Transformers and wish they'd stuck to their existing IPs or a new original one. Oh well, hopefully the gameplay is good.

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What I want: God Hand (the greatest video game of all time) on PS4

What I expect: Metal Gear Rising 2

Where the hell is Scalebound?

Probably at the Microsoft press conference. I'd be surprised if they don't have gameplay to show.