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Brilliant and I'm not just talking about the graphics!!! 0

I bought this after having exhausted my demo version! I thought it would be awesome and I wasnt disappointed! I have a pretty low spec PC Athlon X2 4200@2.2ghz, 2gb RAM, ASUS M2N4 Sli Mobo and 7600gt card! I initially thought that as I have a low spec PC I wouldnt enjoy the game so much as I would be losing much of the spectacular graphics (played on low settings). However I grew to appreciate the top notch gameplay. The whole nano suit concept I instantly loved as manipulating certain battle si...

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Mixed opinions 0

Ive read most of peoples reviews on this game and the 'video' review and agree and disagree at the same time! I think the overall concept of Kane and Lynch is very good however when it gets down to it its so hard to 'like' the main characters in this story. I mean they really are I mean really are bad guys! So when I was playing I couldnt help thinking that I deserve to just die! I have to say that the graphics on this game arent appauling however considering Assassin's Creed came out around the...

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Simply put amazing!!! 0

If there is only 1 game on the xbox 360 that you own it must be GOW! I have spent countless hours annihilating the locust horde. My first impression of the game was that it looked superb. The graphics on the game are amazing with the dark lighting and ruined buildings giving the game a very eerie look that does border on the side of horror. The characters look great and the voice acting is amazing with Marcus Fenix not saying very much, Baird constantly being negative and the Cole-train mouthing...

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Brilliant - Master Chief back with a bang! 0

Was unsure of what to expect with this game as I loved Halo then Halo 2 sort disappointed me slightly especially with the ending so when I bought this it was wih a sense of foreboding. Then I played it - AMAZING!!! It instantly picked up where Halo 2 left off except with improved graphics (I mean seriously improves) and larger levels with a greater variety of weapons. I quickly completed the campaign on Normal to finish the story but without being challenged too much. The story was brilliant an...

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Should come with a health warning; WILL TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE!!! 1

I was a bit hesistant over Oblivion IV as I'm not really a fan of RPG (haven't really got the patience for them) but picked this game up and thought I'd give it a go. To my suprise I found myself deeply immersed in the storyline and couldn't put the game down. I am currently playing through the game for the third time as I want to max out my characters abilities before moving the main storyline forward. The graphics of this game are amazing especially in HD. The choice and variety of character...

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Visually stunning 0

I had been waiting a while for this game to arrive and I was not disappointed when it did. My first impressions of the game was that the graphics looked superb, I mean the detail in each city is simply fantastic with the stark contrast of the rich sectors to the poor sectors is simply brilliant. I found the whole intro to the game rather strange but it was soon explained and I quickly became immersed in the detailed storyline. The storyline is quite strange as there really are two storylines w...

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Frustratingly good!!! 0

I bought this game in celebration of passing some exams so was expecting big things from it! I was not disappointed! First of all here is my system spec: -Athlon 64 X2 4200 @ 2.2ghz -ASUS M2N4 sli -2gb Corsair DDR2 667mhz -Nvidia 7600gt 256mb As you can see its a pretty low to mid spec but was playable. The overall look of the game was amazing with stunning visuals of Vegas and its casinos. The character visuals are good but the terrorists are pretty generic. The gameplay is fantastic and I st...

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Too addictive! 1

Having got this game for Christmas years ago, I became completely hooked and lived for the release of the expansion packs! Having complete control over characters appearence, personalties, accomodations and every aspect of their lives means that there are endless possibilities and therefore endless hours to be wasted playing! This becomes even more of the case when expansion packs are added, and the amount of activites you can do are increased. Having now become a faithful to Sims 2, I still thi...

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A threat to my degree...... 0

Having been a massive Sims fan since the release of The Sims, I was slightly dubious when they announced a second version, as I didn't see the need. However, after playing it, I took back my words, because the game is fantastic! There's much more for the player to do, this time you control everything, from the colour of your Sims cars, to the thickness of their eyebrows! In fact, there can sometimes be too much choice, and thus building a family and a house can take hours! The new desires and r...

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Co-op is no longer a mode its the game! 0

I picked this game up after seeing the trailer for it about 3 months back. I was glad to break away from the FPS's I had been playing for the last 2 months and with Army of Two I was not disappointed. For starters the visuals on this game are brilliant although not quite COD4 they are great especially on parachuting through Afghanistan. The campaign itself is quite good but is REALLY short (I finished it in a night) which does pose a problem if your only planning on playing the campaign. However...

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Surprisingly good! 0

Bought this game after my exams as so many people recommended it. I had previously stayed away from it as I thought it looked frightening and I simply cannot play scary games but eventually I gave in. I thought this game would have more of a gameplay driven game but to my liking I found it was not as I started to play the game I quickly became engrossed in a magnificent storyline. The story which I won't go into is simply one of the best you can experience in a video game and has major twists a...

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Amazing! 0

I was wondering when the CoD series was going to progress past WW2 and was pleased to see that at last they have. CoD4 is simply the best, in my opinion, FPS on the market. First the graphics are superb and especially in HD. The details in the environments is brilliant and really brings the game to life. The gameplay is intense with fast paced action mixed with stealth based missions. The pace can be difficult at the start especially on multiplayer but you quickly get used to and realise how sl...

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Enjoyable! 0

I was given this game for my birthday and thought it looked alot like BF and the truth is it is alot like BF but who cares! First the graphics in the game are good not amazing but good and the environments look good and add to the game. The gameplay is fast paced and after getting used to the controls (stuck in CoD4 m mode) I quickly enjoyed the gameplay and the story. In my opinion the story is the best part of this game as it portrays a rather bleak future where the US and Europe once again u...

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Brilliant!!! 0

I bought a PS3 in preparation for MGS4 and GTA4 came bundled with it which I wasn't complaining about. I read various reviews about the game and thought that for the most part it was hype as I hadn't enjoyed the previous GTA games. The graphics and overall look of the game is very impressive. Liberty City actually looks like a real city with real people living there. However, in some of the cut scenes the graphics don't look quite so great but thats a minor point really. The story itself is ver...

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The best game I have ever played! 0

This game is the single reason I own a PS3. I had been waiting 4 years for this game since finishing MGS3 and heard that 4 was in the pipeline. I have been a loyal follower of the MGS series since Shadow Moses all those years ago and own all of the games including Substance and Subsistence! The graphics in the game are some special with superb environments that make you believe you are in the various places that the story takes you. The characters in the game again look amazing with a couple ge...

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