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The last game that I lost sleep to has to be Guild Wars 2, I got in a good groove where I was leveling, advancing the story, and kept winning battle after battle. Before I knew it it was almost time to wake up.

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I wrote this the day the news broke, but I figured I'd post it here:

I promised myself I was going to take this week of vacation off, but after finding out this news, I had to write something. The combination of Ryan Davis and Jeff Gerstmann are the reason why I started Altered Confusion. I wanted to follow in their footsteps and bring unbiased news to the masses, and they were basically the example I always wanted to follow. Sure they had a shit ton of more "power" than I had, but they had to start somewhere, and to be able to make something out of nothing and build something that the gamers flocked to inspired me. I just can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that the man behind TANG (This Aint No Game) on Giantbomb, a segment that had him reviewing movies based on video games, is gone. I don't know if I'll ever completely figure it out. What I can tell you is that his charisma was infectious, he wore his beard like a champ, and he knew his shit.

I got a chance to see the GiantBomb crowd a couple of times at various PAXs, and I was always blown away by the fact that they could play off each other so easy, and yet be their own people. Ryan had this certain something about him that made everyone want to be his best friend, and to now no longer have that chance to get to know him either at all, or more is a truly tragic event. I wish I could say more about the man, I wish I had sent some random shit so that I could be on their video when they unboxed their mail, and almost always Ryan would take point, but I'd be scared to death of someone like him calling my name out, what if it wasn't good enough. I guess I'll never know. What I do know is that I will continue to walk in the path that he set forward, aiming for the stars like I know he did at one time, or hell did up to the point of his unforeseen death, and hopefully make that man proud, even though he sort of met me only once in passing.

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Sure, I've been offended by content in games. I've very open minded, but there are parts of games that are a bit over the top and I feel uncomfortable about where they are taking the game, the scene, the character, etc.

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I'd say on average I'm trying to put in 3-4 hours, though with now having a kid, that time is being broken up. I do like to keep my gaming session going so if he doesn't need me for a little bit I can quickly sneak back and get in a couple more minutes.

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I don't have a specific one, per say, but I was an AMP guy, until someone got me to try RockStar, and now I'm all in on RockStar. I actually like the different flavors more than the standard, though some of them are a bit out there. I guess if I had to pick on it would be RockStar Punched.

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I too would have loved seeing what a single player experience would have been like in this game. It might also help me tune my skills against bots before getting snipe a dozen times during a session with live players.

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It really depends on what platform you originally released your game on. That determines how much porting has to be done, if any, to get the game on the PC. Some companies don't have the revenue to make a port. Other companies have exclusive deals with a specific platform, though some of those deals are only for a certain amount of time.

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I picked the XBOX ONE for the time being, with all of the media-centric features it was easier to get my wife on board with the purchase. Sure I wish there were games I wanted to play on it, but I would be in the same boat with the PS4.