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Why is it that it always seems like life is going at a million miles an hour, and god forbid you trying to catch your breath because you have fallen behind on work, on life, on the latest movies, books, games, etc? It is crazy, and then you've got the wonderful world of energy drinks that pep you up for a bit and then pile-drive you into the ground. Now I know about 5 hour energy, and to be completely honest with you when I took it I felt like my face was wide awake and my body was able to move, but I continuously felt the fatigue that I was trying to mask. 
Now as part of this wonderful world of fatigue, to which I'm feeling a lot of, thanks to being on call at work for the week, I have to say that the brain is going quickly. You ever had one of those moments where you've constantly got stuff running through your head, and yet when you say it it comes out completely different, or in a way that makes no sense whatsoever? Yeah that's what I'm experiencing now. I wish I could say that the fatigue was do to power sessions of gaming for Starcraft 2, or WoW, or something gaming related, but the painful reality is that I've been dead on my feet and the best  I've been able to muster is about an hour of LIMBO before I'm finding I have relocated myself to the bed. The real fun part is that once I'm there I can't sleep, so I end up reading, and instead of reading what I need to read I end up grabbing a graphic novel and pounding that down. Beginning of the week it was Kick-Ass, now it's Scott Pilgrim.  
I almost feel like this has become one of those dear diary moments in one of those shows my wife loves, and I'm just wondering how much longer before I can turn the 360 on to play something. That's another thing, I've got a wife, 2 dogs, and a house in the middle of renovations. Oh and by the way I run a website that does game reviews, gaming news, a webcomic, and a weekly podcast. I think I put in 80 weeks (40ish for the company that pays, 40ish for my site). Oh well whatever, I enjoy doing the work on the site, and if I could have gotten into the situation that GiantBomb got themselves with Whiskey Media I'd do it full time in a heartbeat. Well I guess that's enough dreaming for this exhausted fellow, but I feel like I've gotten something accomplished simply by letting the fingers fly and allowing my brain to autopilot for just a little bit.

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@SlashseveN303 said:
" @TooWalrus said:
" Virus protection is for CHUMPS!   (Just kidding, but I use some Trend Micro PC Cillin, it's pretty good and non-intrusive, and doesn't slow down the system like that McAfee shit does.) "
Trend Micro was great, then my subscription run out and now I use Avast. It's like the free version of PC Cillin. "
I too am a huge fan of Avast for my home PCs, and when I setup PCs for family members its the first thing I download and install on their systems, right after I take Norton or McAfee off their systems.
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@TheGreatGuero: I feel your pain, unfortunately since its my work PC I have to deal with the parameters set by the admins, but it is so retarded that I have to deal with having to stop the process every time it wants to run because if I don't my PC is dead in the water for at least 5 minutes (bare minimum).
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perhaps he truly wanted to leave the league as a villain because the Vikings are now dead in the water, guess the game plan will revert back to hand Peterson the ball every down. Now the only way that I'll truly believe that he'll stay retired is if someone hires him to do commentating or something, just so he's still got something to do and isn't stuck in a perpetual state of what ifs. 

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Sadly most of the overly hyped brand new games that come out... most of the games I own get played once (hopefully after defeating it) and then it collects dust with the rest of the games.

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Sorry have to rant for a second... for some god awful reason the work computers have McAfee installed on them and while I'm all for the virus protection, I have to say having to end the process of McAfee and all its parts over and over again so my computer will unlock and I can do work is a pain in my ass. Then again maybe I can claim that a higher power is telling me to just take the rest of the day off... but if that was the case I'd only be working for about as long as it takes me to open up Outlook, as that is what causes most of the scans.

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The way I heard it EA has NO plans for the PSN or XBLA, and the version of NBA Jam that comes with NBA Elite 11 is just a glorified demo. Well look at it this way the resale value will be extra cheap since its a one time code, and to be honest I won't touch EA Sports games with a 30 foot pole, I've always been a 2K sports guy (with the exception of NCAA College Football).

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Yeah I don't know, its something that I read in a book. 

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Its always fun to be able to write something that isn't a game related story, a game review, a comic, etc. So I figured since I've got some downtime, and I think I'm basically up to date on all that I have to do that I would write something just because I've got the time, and I need to write something just so that my brain doesn't rot away completely. There's so much to talk about and yet there's nothing to talk about, but isn't that always the point. There's just so much happening 24/7 in today's world and its damn near impossible for one person to absorb all that there is, and yet I know I'm not alone in my attempt to always know about the latest and greatest, be it news, or getting the latest overly hyped game that I'll probably play through once and then it will join the ever growing collection of neglected games. I know that there are those out there who would say, "hey just sell them back to GameStop". Well I would but I feel dirty doing so. Though at the same time I have no problem getting a used copy of a game. I just feel that my games haven't lost as much value as GameStop wants me to believe, that's all. 
Now of course this dilemma of trying to keep up with everything doesn't just extend to games. There's also a mountain of books, movies, TV shows, sporting events, music concerts. How the hell is someone suppose to be able to take all of this in? The answer is that no one can, people can get close, but by doing so you're letting your life bleed you completely dry. With trying to do everything you're forced to schedule out your time. There's no spontaneity, there's no room  to get yourself lost, to day dream, to allow yourself to relax. Stress is a killer, and I think its safe to say that my day job has enough of that already, why would I want to continue to do so outside of the 9 to 5 hours. now of course I say that, but even I know that I'm still stressing and planning every little detail so that I can at least feel like I accomplished something, even if it's simply catching up on the latest episodes of Warehouse 13. 
Now that I think my ranting or rambling is subsiding I will close this blog, it may get read, or it could just go into obscurity, but in the end it has accomplished what I needed it to do and that was to allow the brain free rein of the fingers to just get some pressure off the brain. So what do you think people of the interweb, and giant bombers?

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That is very true. Glad to see that someone has their brain working today, as mine must be on vacation.