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try logging out and back in again

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This isn't really comparable to charity giving. It is more like if a friend of yours got robbed and you have a whip round at the local bar to help the guy out.

If someone wants to donate $5 or whatever towards making a random persons life easier then good for them - it isn't that they won't donate to charity (remember the $100k we raised for extra life last year), it is that they maybe skip the skinny decaf latte on the way home.

Also - CBS is not going to buy any replacements. Staff will be provided with consoles at the office and they may be allowed to sign machines out for review purposes but "multibillion-dollar entertainment companies" don't stay rich by giving hand outs to staff.

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I might wear it without the slogan, the tag is a bit too much for me.

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Re home the rabbit locally and get a new one when home?

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Try to be a little less invested?

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That should be fine then. I don't use a TV as I PC game at a desk.

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How far away are you going yo be sitting? Fine if you are couch gaming but not do great up close.

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@mak_wikus: Well obviously they refer to their own local time, but they never said anything would go up today.

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First edition hardcovers of this series are starting to fetch decent money now, hey? They would easily be the most valuable in my book collection now then. Neat.

I have 1st editions of books 3, 4, and 5.

They will be worth more than you paid for them but the series proved popular from the start and the print runs on those you have must have been huge.