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That makes sense. They maybe should indicate that better. Maybe grey out the button or state that in the first comment.

thx anyway

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When clicking the "download" button the options for selecting the quality does not come up. You can see the frame trying to come up. Tested on chrome and firefox.

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GB player, youtube and Twitch.

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Gamespot likely runs at a loss because it has huge staff - but it is a much bigger site in terms of traffic and thus ad revenue.

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@teddie said:

Where do people call sausages "Rashers"?

nowhere, I think he is getting confused with Bacon.

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times by 52 weeks

most months are more than 4 weeks, hence the discrepancy.

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I am not sure why Cnet employs a games reviewer when CBS owns two games sites. Should lay him off, no offense mate, and feature content from Gamespot or something. Business!

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They are the safe option. You know roughly what you are going to get so no risk of casting someone new.

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Not on steam for the UK, uplay only. Just UK for now.