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It is totally playable on 360. frame rate is rough in spots but it is not a deal breaker.

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I think you are reaching a bit. Big guy, robot, hunter, guy with guns for arms. Borderlands seems more likely inspiration.

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He does it separate from ign, so I guess he needs to cover his costs somehow.

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I just use a pair of rolled up socks

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Youth hires are likely the same argument as interns - you have to spend too long training them. If you can get someone experienced for the same money - especially in the video producer position.

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Spoil it for me please. I can gun down computer humans with no remorse but I am not playing this game if the digital dog dies.

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@pikadrew: Big companies with HR hiring software - in the US and also elsewhere - are less likely to email anymore. Read this thread. Plenty of ppl applied and had no rejection emails. They update your status on their web thingy and that is all you get unless you make it to the last interview rounds. Looking at the profile of Maddy, given the experience of other people who said they had applied, I would bet HR never forwarded her name to the GB staff for consideration. HR usually cuts to a short list before Jeff or someone gets to actually interview anyone.

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The job wasn't filled until a contract was signed. Jeff might have had a few favourites before hand but that isn't the same thing.

They were talking about an associate editor and a junior video guy. Then they said they had hired a Senior Editor and a Producer. I suspect the quality of the applicants surprised them all. Mainly due to jobs in this sector being hard to come by at the moment. If you have two candidates for the job at the same money - one a plucky young upstart and one a proven veteran, then experience usually gets the job.

When companies advertise for formality and then employ someone from within the company then that is a bit dodgy. This is just how hiring usually works.

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your mom sounds like a real bitch, try explaining it to her - the talking with your mouth full bit, not the her being a bitch bit.