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No thanks. It will be a bitter pill but I am sure Patrick can afford to replace it himself. If not, there are considerably cheaper and still capable smart phones on the market.

I have no doubt of your good intentions but would suggest you donate to a worthy cause like Extra Life instead. Or at least mention it to Patrick before starting a crowd fund. I suspect he would feel grateful but embarrassed by such an endeavor.

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Nothing untrue or particularly inflammatory, but a shame singling out GB.

Transcript of the call out via neogaf

[on change in the culture] "I think it needs to happen from the top down. ...this is a problem with the gamer culture, but it's also a problem with the professionals within the gaming industry. If you look at IGN and Giant Bomb, these are sites predominantly ran by men, and they are choosing to not cover what's happening to women in the industry. If you look at the industry's hiring practices as a whole, they are tilted very, very severely against women.

...I think you have to look at the culture from the top-down that's sending these messages, to women, very subtly and unconsciously. "You are not welcome here", "this is a boy's club", "this is our turf". It's not that the men are conscious that they're doing this. I love and respect the men I work with in this industry with me, but they have attitudes frequently that they don't understand are antagonistic.

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360. I don't care if it is nerfed. I am not upgrading yet and my PC will likely not run it.

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Difference is that very few western tourists have experienced North Korea, even I gave been to 'Nam and there are many documentaries about it already.

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Vita TV is the last best hope.

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@vaad616 No point. They did an opinion poll and it was in the high 70s in favour of the union.

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For anyone interested, this is more or less all over. Scotland decided to stay part of the UK and the results should end up about 46% Yes, 54% No.

It is 5am now, time for bed.

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come back in 3 or 4 years son.

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There is very little russian speaking competition - hence the massive number of viewers. The original gamebomb design was such a comprehensive ripoff that a lot of people believe GB was hacked.

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@tnecniv: There is premium version without the adverts.