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360. I don't care if it is nerfed. I am not upgrading yet and my PC will likely not run it.

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Difference is that very few western tourists have experienced North Korea, even I gave been to 'Nam and there are many documentaries about it already.

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Vita TV is the last best hope.

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@vaad616 No point. They did an opinion poll and it was in the high 70s in favour of the union.

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For anyone interested, this is more or less all over. Scotland decided to stay part of the UK and the results should end up about 46% Yes, 54% No.

It is 5am now, time for bed.

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come back in 3 or 4 years son.

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There is very little russian speaking competition - hence the massive number of viewers. The original gamebomb design was such a comprehensive ripoff that a lot of people believe GB was hacked.

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@tnecniv: There is premium version without the adverts.

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It is jarring but I am sure we will get used to it. Complaining that they are pushing their one regular source of income is why sites are struggling. Ad revenue dependent models are suffering. I would rather they highlight paid content over "like us on facebook, please click our banner ads #doritos" crap.

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You have been getting more than two or three pieces of content a week since Ryckert joined. Excluding premium podcasts, last week gave us spookin and 2 metal gear.. The week before, wow, mgs, jar time and upf.

They only commit to the friday show as they are not sure who is in, what events are on, when pubs visit to demo games, etc.. Alows them to be flexible.