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Ended up ordering a copy from NA. It's just sad that no effort is being put in bringing this to countries that does not really need a translation for their copies. I mean the Scandinavian countries basically have English as a secondary language today...

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But why the hell would they drop this game from the Scandinavian countries when the previous games have not?

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I thought the name was weird at first, but after playing the demo (and now the full game) it makes sense and actually works pretty good. Loving the game so far (20h in).

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Here are the first two that comes to my mind.

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Big thumbs up for more content and upgraded version! Love the game!!

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Damn, that took some time, but I made it! I MADE IT!!

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On it boss!

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Looks nice and all, but I'm still waiting for that microstuddering-fix... 11 years man, 11 years.

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It's probably about time to say anything about this project that we kicked off a few months ago. We had/have things in mind to do this, but as most of you probably know; life gets in the way of things and things get postponed. So, what I'm actually saying is that this project is being put on ice until further notice. I'm struggling with school and one is preparing for a wedding and the other... I honestly don't know about what he's up to right now. But by the Amarrian god! We ARE going to kick this thing off sooner or later... Just not right now.

UNLESS!!! someone is willing to stand up and take this thing in his/hers hands and carry it out. (though I doubt that will happen since it comes with a lot of work and cooperation with others to pull it off.)

I for one look forward to do these kinds of events and gatherings to hype the activity in the game and our tiny community here on GiantBomb!