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I just wish both sides would be more diplomatic. I get enough of this "us against them" shit from politics.

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Bayo and P4U.

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FF VII Remake co-published by MS Studios


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@death_burnout: The site wouldn't exist?

Oh now that's just cynical.

In an ideal world, Whisky Media today would be amazing, still.

Yeah, but the world's not an ideal place. Jeff's gone on record saying that without CBSi, GB would probably not exist in its current form. Things change, and the best thing to do is stay positive. Look at all the great work Alex and Patrick have put in after their moves.

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@death_burnout: The site wouldn't exist?

I'm pretty positive on this. Let's see how it pans out before jumping to conclusions.

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Lexington, KY, USA

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I really thought it was unnecessary when Kenshirocorn used the Hokutocorn Zankai-Corn on Spadelight Sparkly. And on another note, has anyone been reading JoJoCorn? That Josuke Higashicornta is a card, ain't he?

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Siren: Blood Curse is pretty awesome.