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I love Super Mario Bros 2....

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I've been so on the fence about this game...I don't know whether or not I should buy it...I get a god damn different reaction from everyone...there is no consensus of "it's good" or "it sucks" or "its alright"...everyone is all over about it. Is it cheap now?  PS3 games are expensive and their value doesn't drop very fast at all...and I gotta budget wisely now...I can't buy games as crazily as I used to.  (

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 Epic_Hero7 said:

"I'll probably rent it, with all of the other new games coming out.
The only question I have is do I have to play the previous games to figure this one out, or no?"
I'm not really sure...but my experience with the series says no.  The only two I can recall being linked is #1 links to #3...but even that isn't REQUIRED....they explain it anyway.  I just hope it's developer and all that...
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If you have a router that your PC and PS3 connect to, you can turn you PC into a media server.  What this does is stream the video/audio/images off of your PC Hard Drive, saving you a lot of grief. 

The PS3 aside from having a very small HDD (Unless you upgrade it yourself) can only play MPEG video files.  If you have say, an AVI, (or in my case finding this out...a batch of MKVs) and you don't wanna bother with rencoding it, you can just stream it to PS3. 

I use a program called "TVersity", and it works splendidly.  Sometimes my PS3 is fickle about detecting my media server but it works great after you get it going.  Try that.