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Nice... seems good to me :)

You just reminded me too, I am due an upgrade soon!

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Was really good getting involved with this.

My first time doing a games jam and was really pleased with the whole process and organisation, given this was a worldwide event.

Here is my game submission for molyjam:

Overall, I am looking forward to getting involved in another games 'jam' :)

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I think the organizers did a great job in certain locations for this too. The fact that most places had live streaming and chat, etc up and running was great.

It kind of made it feel like a real cohesive community, despite that every was in different world locations.

Plus some of the stuff to come out of this are great, so nice to have many talent people working for the same cause. :)

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The trailer for the 2nd season was amazing. Can not wait! ^_^

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The Google one is awesome, as it always is each year...

Blizzard usually comes 2nd place, but their April fools are becoming slightly predictable and samey each year, anyone else agree?

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Hi, I am a new user/participator on the GiantBomb forums... being following this site since it first came about... just never really got around to using the forums. :)

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