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Nah, I don't need a Kinect. The only thing I would miss from not having one is screaming "Xbox record that!" when a game has a freakout and glitches out.

I'm really hoping stuff like that can be added to voice support via headset or something. I'd hate for people to miss out on what I consider a core part of having an Xbox One, being able to yell at it.

The PS4 voice stuff works surprisingly well with a mic, even with my atrocious english.

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I bought it early because the 20% off coupon I used was gonna run out before launch. Which is the only reason I ever preorder.

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Very interested in it. Lord of the rings is boring bullshit, but the game looks like it'll be good fun.

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Depending on just how quiet you want it you might want to get some quiet fans for the top and front of the case. I had some noctuas just laying around, like one does, so I never actually ran the case with the stock fans. My brother uses his with the stock ones and it honestly doesnt seem like it's made a lot of difference. I can hear HDD activity from his machine, but thats because he's an idiot and hasn't bought 1.7TB of SSD storage yet.

Speaking of that, I can absolutely recommend just compulsively buying solid state drives for everything if you feel like you need to buy stuff.

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Ok guys, I'm going to wait! Help me stay strong...

I might buy a RAM stick or something in the meantime, just to stave off the addiction. Actually, a new case with more GPU clearance might be more sensible.

Define R4 is absolutely fantastic. Can't hear a damn thing even sitting right next to it with a 780 working on wolfenstein or similar. Best case I've ever owned, easy.

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can't wait for our three or four megacorp future where all innovation and entrepreneurship has been squelched. oh well, at least Syndicate may come true.

Oh man. I can't wait to get my Gauss gun.

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WoW when I played that. GW2 whenever I play that. Roguelikes like ToME and dungeons of dredmor. Civ 5, europa universalis IV, crusader kings 2, dwarf fortress and prison architect as well. Oh, and clickfest dungeon crawlers like Diablo 3, Path of Exile and Grim Dawn, as well as "sports" sims like the golf club and pool nation.

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I've owned three Asus DirectCU cards and they've all been great when it comes to both cooling and fan noise. Currently got a 780 DirectCU II OC and I never hear it. Of course, your mileage might vary depending on case etc. I've heard nothing but good things about the MSI Twin Frozr cards either, but I've never owned one so can't really confirm that personally.

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Should I get a PS4 or an XB1 guys? I love console games and I really want to have one of those consoles.

Get a PC.

Brilliant, every time.

It especially amuses me how the OP stated he avoided posting this on another forum because there are too many console fanboys... And instead ended up getting greeted by PC fanboys.

Admittedly the criticisms against the current console lineup are valid, and PC is still a good choice. I'm buying a PS4 soon anyway because I'm bad with money and want to play Fifa maybe.

That's a fantastic reason to buy a console, or anything, really. I wouldn't have a single console, much less 4 and 2 handhelds if not for that very thing. Or 5 laptops.

As for the original question, it's the same as last time. Where are the exclusives you really want to play? Where are your friends playing?

Anything else, all the discussion about pee and 900 vs 1080 is just useless fanboy fluff. That said, given that Bloodborne is a PS4 exclusive, PS4 is clearly the correct answer.

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Really hope this means their crappy android based console will support streaming to twitch out of the box. The barrier to entry when it comes to streaming shitty phone games live on the internet is much too high right now.