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The more I play it the more I love it. Fantastic game.

Velocity bits are Velocitier than ever, and the platforming sections are a great addition.

Didn't really click with me 100% on the TV playing with the DS4, but the touch controls for the teleporting on the vita made all the difference. Nearly swore out loud on a packed bus playing it yesterday, it's THAT good.

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It's between Divinity: Original Sin and Shadowrun Dragonfall (dlc for Shadowrun Returns) at the moment. Already completed Dragonfall but it's getting a director's cut soon (which people who own the dlc get for free) which could make it even better and I would recommend that to anyone who is interested, you don't really need to play the original game as it is almost completely unrelated and Dragonfall is a bigger and better campaign than the original. There's still games that have yet to come out that could be better and I honestly feel that 2014 will be a better year than 2013, for me anyway.

Good to hear dragonfall is good. Bought it, but got busy with other stuff so haven't actually booted it up yet. Guess I'll have a go this weekend. Should check out the marketplace for community made stuff for the original release as well, thanks for reminding me.

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I send a super angry email to jeff in all caps with lots of exclamation points to let him know he's wrong about Nights into dreams...It's a MODERN CLASSIC, DAMN IT!!

Just kidding, I go about my day and don't waste a single calorie thinking about what anyone else thinks of the game.

Also Nights is garbage. Obviously. Made by Sonic Team. Who are also garbage.

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That magazine cover with an "actual PC game screenshot" had all the graphics!

All I can focus on is how deformed his right nipple is. Good lord.

painting good weight maps for shoulders is hell of hard, especially with that few polygons. expect stretching.

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Divinity, transistor or south park. haven't really thought a lot about it yet, but those are the ones I can think of right now. I also have high hopes for the vanishing of ethan carter, dragon age inquisition and middle earth: shadow of mordor, but who knows how they'll turn out.

And burnout: paradise goty all year every year, obviously, release date be damned.

Somehow I forgot about Shovel Knight. That's up there as well. And I've put about 2 hours in to Velocity 2X on the vita, and so far it's pretty high up there, the velocity parts are even better than they have been in the past, and the platforming feels good as well. Touch screen for the teleport feels good.

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By the way, did anyone but me in the entire world play and enjoy the BioWare made Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood? I never see anyone talking about it and I had a hell of a time finding a new copy, had to buy a used kart from ebay in the end.

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I enjoyed Sonic 2 and Sonic CD. I enjoy watching speedruns of the 3d ones because of how hilariously broken they are, but you couldn't pay me to play them.

Darkspinessonic's runs of sonic '06 are particularly fantastic.

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Ultimately it's a 3/5 game for me for the reasons everyone has already listed. But it's an enjoyable 3/5. Mirror's Edge was a 3/5 for me too but I fucking love that game. Not every gane that a person thinks is great needs to be given great review scores and press. And that's ok.

This is a really great point. Many reviewers like Jeff still insist on their review and final score reflecting not only the experience of a game, but as a signifier of the specific quality of all of its combined assets. So a 3/5 doesn't necessarily mean, "This game is utterly average.". It can also translate to, "This game has some great parts, and an equal amount of not so great parts. So if those downers don't bother you so much, you might have a great time with it!".

We should come up with a term for it...

"Alpha Protocol Syndrome"?

Man, I love Matt Rorie's Alpha Protocol so much. Some of the best times I've ever had playing a video game.

I guess I could see someone feeling the same way about Destiny, I just don't understand how. It's an incredibly boring game that feels completely soulless, and the part it does well (dudeshooting) is the part I care the least about in any game ever made. Personally I feel 3/5 is pretty generous for what it is.

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It's LOL that 16 year old children get to vote in this. One kid the BBC interviewed said he was pro-independence because there was a rumor Scotland might get a spaceport and he thought that would be "really cool like Star Wars".

To be fair, I could see many full grown adults voting for just about anything for similar reasons.

*imagines what a British Dan Ryckert would sound like*

He's called Karl Pilkington

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My podcast app doesn't really like the premium feed, so yeah.