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Well said.
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" It's the great man's birthday, so...

You are amazing. Makes my day to see quality work like this. Thank you!
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Congratulations. I was just recently in the same position (employer laid off everyone in our office the first week of January), and yesterday I signed an offer letter to remain with the company, got a promotion and will relocate to Phoenix in June. Really glad to hear about your good fortune, and hope your new company has good future prospects.


Have fun at PAX!!

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" @PeasantAbuse said:
" @zameer said:
"The news write-ups here have become particularly interesting since you came on board Patrick. Awesome stuff! "
I agree, Patrick is rad. "
Thirding this. Very much enjoying his articles. I usually stuck to the video content before, but I'm reading practically every one now. "

Me, too!!!
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It's on East Camelback Road, near the Biltmore Golf Course, does that ring any bells? Is Scottsdale fairly close?

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" Most apartments in phoenix are fairly cheap. Making as much as you do, you'll have plenty of spare income to blow on video games. As far as apartments go, stick to the complex's with fences. "
Thank you :-D How do you feel about Scottsdale?
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Hi guys, I've received an offer from my current employer to relocate to Phoenix, AZ (from Dallas, TX) for a raise and promotion, and I'm taking it. I'm planning a site visit out there middle of next week, and would greatly appreciate any advice from Phoenix locals as to good places to rent. I'm 28, single, will make between $50k and $60k a year. Suggestions are welcomed and appreciated! Thank you! Amanda
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My most vivid memory of FFVIII is giving myself a headache looking for the White SeeD ship. I couldn't beat Ultimecia for some reason; I had another playthrough going several years ago, but I forgot to Draw the Eden GF from Edea and got totally discouraged and gave up. Yay, me!

However, the game has a few of my favorite FF songs (Blue Fields, the aforementioned Balamb Garden, and The Man with the Machine Gun). Beautiful music! FFVIII is by no means my favorite FF, but it had merits and went in a totally different direction after the release of a very popular title. 
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fried eggs with ham, curry, garlic and pepper 
mac and cheese with worcestershire (sp?) sauce 
i also like sprite with raspberry vodka, which i'm drinking now. good times, happy afternoon everyone.

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@Fattony12000 said:
" Can't believe they did not choose 'Chain of Command'. "
DUDE! I know, right?