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@Milkman: That's just how I feel. Plus look at all the comments of people arguing back and forth, calling each other names. That's not helping things. Also this is a video game website, if you want to bring awareness on an issue you need something that can reach a more wider broader audience. Getting an interview with a local newspaper, radio or tv news channel would help more I think, or maybe try getting on a national newspaper or tv news channel. I'm sure some of the people in games media know someone from a news show be it on radio or tv.

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@ZeForgotten: That's just the way the article sounded to me. Maybe I read into it wrong.

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@BigDaddy81: Yes I know that, but it's not going to help things by posting about on here though.

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I don't know why people think sexism is exclusive to the games industry. Why not bring awareness to sexism as a whole instead of singling out a certain industry? Using a hashtag on Twitter won't help the issue. Write your local paper, start a website or get a hold of your local radio/tv news station.

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I'ved worked in the technology industry for over ten years at this point and I've seen sexism rear it's ugly head in more was than you can imagine. I've work for a manager that wanted "more chicks in his department to give him something nice to look at". I've worked with a lady that judged guys based on her internal "ass rating scale". I've worked for a guy who treated every female employee as they were his daughter and needed to be protected. I even worked with a woman who openly referred to her male employees as "meat sacks", "talking dicks" and "sperm bank #<insert number here>" The point I'm trying to make is that there is sexism EVERYWHERE and in every industry. Not just in the game industry. We, as humans, are sexual beings and as long as we are thinking with our gentiles there will be sexism. Sadly, it's not going to go away anytime soon.

Well said. Sadly that's the world we live in.

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@patrickklepek: But you picked a comment that didn't mean what you thought it did. You assumed.

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@Sparkul: I understand what you are saying. Sadly there is always going to be someone out there discriminating against someone no matter how much awareness is made on the issue. That's just the world we live in sadly. That's why when something does come up, take action against the person or company.

@Dylabaloo: No, I was never contacted or asked to clarify what I meant.

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Wow, you all took my comment way out of context. At least give someone a chance to clarify what they mean before jumping down their throat.I wasn't saying just because its the video games industry does it make it ok for someone to get treated like that. Thats no excuse. No one should ever be treated like that. Posting on Twitter isn't going to help. If something is happening at your workplace, then go through the proper channels. And if that doesn't work take legal action if necassary. That's the only way these people will learn.

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first world problems. Its just a video game.

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Awesome, the Vita and PS+ just keep getting better and better.