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friendslsys are very very importantttt

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Why has seemingly no one addressed my point?

It wasn't that quads make your processor faster, it was that quads use all 4 cores while gaming.

If 2 cores are sitting around doing nothing, why are their usages so high? When I check in the middle of a game.

Here I'll take a screen shot after testing the Empire total war demo.

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Every time I hear someone asking if they should get a Quad core or no I'm always hear someone say..

"Only supcom takes advantage of it"

"lol enjoy having two cores sitting there doing nothing"

While it's true quads aren't needed for most games, and I honestly don't know if they help that much, to say they're not used is just crap.

On my PII x4 clocked @ 3.5Ghz, I was playing fallout 3  and I switched to the task manager just to see how much load my CPU was under.

ALL 4 CORES had at least 25 percent activity, and I have nothing running in the background but a AV program.

Same with Crysis. Same with AC. Same with seemingly all my modern games.

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@Subject2Change said:
" LG 23" Monitor -
$210, amazing monitor with flawless reviews
750w Corsair -
GTX275 -$220 after MIR, the GTX260 Core216 is good as well but if oyu are playing at 1650 or higher reso, i'd go for the 275.And you are not getting the most out of your RAM by running XP 32 bit, install Vista 7 RC 64bit and buy a license at release. "
Reviews? More like review. You can't base a product of one review.
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The reason anyone would buy a laptop for gaming escapes me.

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@iam3green said:
" u need to learn what kind of upgrades u need. it sounds like u are buying things that are not as great as u think they are. i still have pentium 4, it is running great. it plays crysis on high. u should look at crysis warhead. the game is a lot more optimized then crysis. i played the trial for crysis wars and the graphics looked a lot better and ran a lot smoother then crysis. "

Not it doesn't, P4 will not run Crysis on high and you know it.

And OP if your computer can't run half life epis 2 without a decent framerate the problem is that you bought a crappy PC , probably a prebuilt that cost more then a decent gaming PC.

So then you got ripped off, came on here start raving about having to pay 300 bucks for an upgrade when a graphics card that will max everything, even crysis only cost 130 or so. And if you have to upgrade the processor, chances are your PC is older then the last latest consoles SO then you have no room to complain anyways.

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I agree

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Yes, since we already know MGS4 is a master piece

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Well assuming money isn't an issue, Corsair power supplies are such high quality they might be made by god himself so I'd keep your current one.