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Austin is great. Isn't Austin great?

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I think this piece just confirmed that GB has scooped one of the best commentators out there. To address such a delicate issue without once attacking the other side, and all the while keeping the argument grounded in terms general gaming fans can appreciate? Kudos, @austin_walker.

So excited for what else you have up your sleeve. I can see why Patrick (who did a lot of worthy paving-the-way work here) was so pleased with your appointment.

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Really sad to see this. You bring something unique to the GB table. I'll be following your work from here, Patrick. Massively applaud you for being at the forefront of the inclusion movement in games - and for always trying to be fair and own up to missteps along the way. You say you matured here, but you have regularly demonstrated greater maturity than your critics.

As a parting gift, here are the things you have done that I most enjoyed:

Bringing me to voices like Cara Ellison, Simon Parkin and a bunch of others with different things to say. I am better educated and better informed because of you.

Spookin' With Scoops. Every single gif-gift scream was a pleasure.

The Chrono Trigger Endurance Run. So much joy and easy friendship between you and Ryan.

Your scientist hunk-a-dunk-huff face in THAT year's GotY videos.

Spelunky/Binding of Isaac daily runs. What a comforting morning habit they became - and inducted me into two games I would NEVER have played otherwise.

You're a good guy who has at times received poor treatment, but who stuck to what he believed in and always reached for the positive. They hated you because you made them see things about themselves that embarrassed them. Keep fighting the good fight, man. Your dad would be proud and we all respect the hell out of you.

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Remember when you bought a game from a shop and, if it didn't work, you took it back?

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Great shout. Hell of a year for it.

I'm predicting during the GOTY deliberation podcasts, worst trend goes to "Unfinished Games"

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Let me add my voice to the thanks and agreement. Well said. I continue to be a happy subscriber.

Speaking as a user in the UK who has seen some quite incredible media bias in our politics over the last year (Scottish independence, benefits and NHS changes, fracking contracts...), my take on this from the beginning has been, "who gives a crap about video game corruption?"

The GB line for a while now has been that video game reviews are on the way out. Does anyone really care if a review was influenced when they can see a game in action for themselves on the day of its release via Twitch and YouTube? The gaming media aren't the gatekeepers any more, so none of these ethics debates mean anything. And if you do care, why on earth would you continue to associate yourself with a movement which was created/hijacked (take your pick) by horrible people from the start? You can't yell "that's just a minority" when the label has become synonymous with the bad behaviour. Disconnect, find a better outlet.

For me, two great ironies have come out of this:

1) Those allegedly championing honesty and free speech will eventually contribute to the inevitable (and, at this point, sadly necessary) clampdown on social media by law enforcement. "Hey, it's the Internet" won't be an excuse for death threats much longer, mark my words.

2) In trying to 'expose' corrupt devs by allowing your viewpoint to include such vile treatment of other human beings, you have guaranteed that I will support those same devs by buying their games. In many cases I would not have been interested in what they were offering, but I now feel a moral compulsion to help, and the only way I can do that is with my voice and wallet. So you didn't turn me against them - you made me their customer.

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Wow. The times they are a'changin'. Vinny, thanks for all your sterling work SF-side. I'll miss your contribution to the main GB content hugely but I'm delighted you're still on-board. And, hey, new content from a new place with a new angle! Could be cool.

As for Team SF - DREW, YOUR TIME IS NOW. Get Game of the Year planning!

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Great piece. Keep them coming, Patrick.

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I think my favourite thing about New Giant Bomb (what are we now, 3.0?) is that the guys are spinning off their own little side things. DOTA, Binding of Patrick, F1, wrestling... There's a great amount of wider content now.

Also, this was batshit insane.

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@willin said:

Does this mean you'll be changing the title of the Battlefield 4 Quick Look?

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