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Wow. The times they are a'changin'. Vinny, thanks for all your sterling work SF-side. I'll miss your contribution to the main GB content hugely but I'm delighted you're still on-board. And, hey, new content from a new place with a new angle! Could be cool.

As for Team SF - DREW, YOUR TIME IS NOW. Get Game of the Year planning!

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Great piece. Keep them coming, Patrick.

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I think my favourite thing about New Giant Bomb (what are we now, 3.0?) is that the guys are spinning off their own little side things. DOTA, Binding of Patrick, F1, wrestling... There's a great amount of wider content now.

Also, this was batshit insane.

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@willin said:

Does this mean you'll be changing the title of the Battlefield 4 Quick Look?

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Loved this. Always makes me grateful to be in the GB community.

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The last Bombcast he ended up presenting, with the "John Madden has been released!" bit. Summed him up completely.

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So horrible, in all the ways it could be. Sympathies to his family and all the GB crew.

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Seems like the problem lies with the manner in which big budget games are produced. Too many games last gen were designed in a boardroom - add soldiers, explosions and iron sights, the audience are sure to come. So let's throw money at it. Right? RIGHT? Final result: disappointing sales. But then Supergiant come along with something like Bastion and the praise is universal.

Don't get me wrong, I'd hate it if the next Skyrim, Mass Effect or Bioshock didn't happen because companies can't afford it any longer. But the current development model is waaaaaay more broken than the sales model. The previous Xbox One DRM approach was not an answer to this problem, it was simply screwing the consumer over in order to maintain THAT status quo instead.

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"This is the first chance we've had to listen to our consumers' feedback... um, frankly, since that MASSIVE GLOBALLY-WATCHED EVENT AT WHICH WE WERE SUPPOSED TO PRESENT OUR FINAL CONCEPT... frankly... which nobody liked. Then, y'know, frankly, Sony happened. Frickin' Sony. So we're doing to them what they did to us. And pretending we're fine with it and it's not a huge disaster. Also, so many of us have been nailed for this. So many of us. Can we please, please just get past this horrible awkward negative press? We, like, frankly, totally respect our consumers now. Totally. We wouldn't lie about stuff like this."

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Its over, sony is finished xD

I'd be really sad if that were the case. Both are companies driven by profit but Sony tried to earn theirs through giving the customer what they want. Microsoft decided they had everyone held hostage and would hold them to ransom. Sony deserve to give Microsoft a bloody nose here because if MS turns it around and 'wins' the generation there's every chance there won't be any competition next time (if consoles even exist by that point) and you can bet with a true monopoly MS will bring all this back.

I'll be voting with my wallet. Some MS exclusives look really cool but I feel like there's a point of principle to be made here. I'm not just a sheep who'll hand them my money safe in the knowledge that they were willing to screw me over until forced not to by bad press.

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