We need to standardize FPS controller layout schemes

We've all been there, you just got finished playing one FPS, switch to another, and subsequently spend the next two weeks getting stupidly killed while trying to perform some trivial action like crouching or melee attacking and getting another result. I've recently started playing Battlefield 3 after having spent over a year on Black Ops and just when I was getting used to crouching by clicking my right stick, I had a friend visit me and pop in Black Ops; needless to say he fragged me like 15 times when I was trying to crouch and just ended up knifing the air in front of me repeatedly. These are first world problems, I know; but come on, if developers refuse to allow us to remap controller schemes, then they should at least come to some kind of consensus and standardize them so we don't have to go through this stupid learning curve every time we move to a new game.


So I got a Wii.

The Wii came out a few months before I graduated high school and left home. Even then, I played Twilight Princess on the Gamecube as God intended for that game to be played. My parents got us a Wii in February of 2007 and even then I was 'meh' about the experience. I left home shortly thereafter; I played Mario Kart with my younger siblings and heard my dad curse at the screen at late hours of the night while playing online. Even though many great moments were to be had in front of those last-gen graphics with those weird white controllers during my summer and winter breaks, I'd never thought of owning a wii; even with the prospect of a new zelda in the horizon... After all, I have an Xbox 360.

But last week, a close friend who has way too much money and is an impulsive buyer asked me if I wanted an extra wii he had laying around, to pay him back whenever. I hesitated for a bit, but alas I'm a bit of an impulsive buyer too. Just earlier I'd been listening to The Giant Bombcast crew go on about how great the Mario Galaxy games were. I accepted. I put Saints Row The Third on hold and called up my brother to get his Mario Kart license number. Many great curse-at-the-screen moments have been had in the last two days; even without achievements and a decent friend system.

Anyway, I made this list of games I should get for my wii. Can anybody think of anything I'm missing?


Battlefield 3

Faced by the launch of yet another Call of Duty game and having bought the last three, I decided I wouldn't be purchasing MW3, at least not at full price. While on Black Friday shopping I took home a copy of Battlefield 3 at half price and popped it in. I got through the campaign on hard in a couple of days and enjoyed it as I would any FPS campaign; then I switched to multiplayer. Now I know I'm late to the party, but I do not understand it at all. Maybe being into games where you have to learn to play on the internet like starcraft and minecraft before actually playing has gotten the best of me; but I had to spend several hours on youtube trying to grasp the basic mechanics of BF3 multiplayer. I get killed a lot, and I can rarely ever see any enemies. The manual is like "well these are the controls... GO!" So yeah, I'm quite lost. But I'm slowly getting a hang of it, and surprised there's more to the FPS genre than gut reaction CoD deathmatches.

I'm playing Saint's Row The Third next.