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I played Lucha Fury......I had to review it for a site. It was awful

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So I first talked to Ice-T around the launch of Modern Warfare 2 when he said he cleared out his friendslist and wanted all the SMG Gamers to add him to play. I was one of the lucky 100 who added him and we have played a lot of games but in December when playing Black Ops I asked him for a interview, and he said he was willing to do one. So during the second week of January we called me during work, but I missed it and didnt hear from him for two weeks. Then out of nowhere he called again and I happened to be at lunch and we talked for a few minutes and we then got the interview done that night. During the interview we talked about what games he had played recently, about his involvement in Gears of War 3, his acting career, and I asked him some questions as a joke that he answered back with some great answers. I am extremely glad I got this interview with him and can't wait to here what everyone thinks of it. Here is the Link if anyone is interested and let me know what you think.    
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Its disapointing but understandable. Those updates tend to be really fun and well crafted and will be missed.
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Isnt that going against a good playthrough though.
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I am currently finishing off the end of the game and I am attempting to keep all the promises I made to the people throughout the game. In doing this im trying to get enough money and am really short in my attempts. I was wondering what the best way to do all the good choices but yeah get enough money to save everyone is. If people are willing to donate enough fable money to allow me to I can help you out in other games. I am also just looking for general tips so Thanks! Also my gamertag is AmigoSniped so message me on there as well if you are willing to donate fable gold.
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I tried this game out but I didnt really enjoy it. The orginal of course

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I could use some followers for that quest

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I use the UMP45 with a silencer and like to run with Marathon or Scavenger, any 2nd perk,and commando. I always go postive with it.
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Gamefly is sending me this game YEAH ROCKTOBER
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I posted to win curious at how it plays
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