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Using armageddon cannot be called cheating,since players must work very hard to get those two personas(Helel and Satan).Also,that is the only way to defeat the hardest boss in P3 game.
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There are special enemies drop special items on the raining days.In term of difficulty,some of those special enemies strong,some of them not.It depends on their skills.Enemies that immune to 6 elements are definitely stronger than enemies that immune to 4 elements since they are hard to kill and Almighty skills give small damage.
But,if you play on first playthrough,you better go to Aiya and raise your stats first when it rains.
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This game really brings back memory.And yeah,I started playing Contra about 2 weeks ago  using Virtual NES and just beat the game without die 4 times out of around 50 tries.I managed to record 2 of my "No Death" playthroughs and want to keep it for my own sweet memory and maybe for my blog :)
Next I want to try beating Super Contra without death.
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 Of course Elizabeth..because other than her,none of any other bosses even give me a tickle.At least Elizabeth manage to kill me 1 time out of my 15 attempts against her in hard mode.
Nyx is a stupid joke-none of my party cast healing spell in the whole battle.No Soma is used.Just ask other members to full assault.It died just within 8 minutes.
Other than Nyx and Elizabeth-use Armageddon or Rush to finish them before they can do first attack.

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 I think it is enough for them to finish it once.They played only for fun and endurance run,not for becoming Persona 4 masters.  

If they ever start new game again,the only new interesting reactions we can get from them are:
#1.Ohh...we can fuse Izanagi no Okami now. 

#2.The Reaper comes!Lets cast debilitate on it first.
   2 or 3 turns later...."Ahhh.We died!Dont open the chest with warning again." 

# 3.Margaret:Will you fight a match against me? 
  First try: It is 50th turn now and we think we could make it.(Then,Margaret do Megidolaon with 9,999 damage). 
  Second try: Now we equipped Partial Award on Charlie.Problem should be solved now. 
                       They manage to reduces Margaret HP to half and survive 50th turns.Suddenly..."She casts Diarahan on herself!We are doomed!"
Third try: Lets give up on Margaret already.Just beat Izanami and finish this 2nd playthrough!

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That optional boss is the surely most fun enemy to fight and make any non-Persona freaks give up,I mean those who dont give a damn about special fusion and good skills like null physical,enduring soul,firm stance,debilitate,heat riser etc.And I am sure Vinny/Jeff will take forever to beat that optional boss if this boss can be fought at 1st playthrough.
The main reason I like optional boss fight is it  distinguishes clearly between Persona experts and normal players.This applies to the Persona 3 optional boss also.
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" @SmashedControllers: In 50 turns she casts something that does maximum almighty damage to everyone, so it's in your best interests to have something with Enduring Soul to counter that. Atlus has yet to design an extra boss that's actually fun to fight. "

 I like the fact that she casts Megidolaon if you try to drag the battle too long.That motivate me to beat her as quick as possible.
First time having battles against her,I barely win using party and almost have no chance to win at all if I fight her solo.After I realize how important to fuse decent personae,I finally manage to rape her without fear of 50th turn Megidolaon.Still trying to beat the record "Margaret 7 turns kill" posted in youtube.
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 first playthrough,I used Trumpeter.Then on new playthrough and beyond,I use Yoshitsune only and left all other 11 personae slot empty to increase the challenge.For healing,I use life stone,bead,bead chain,soma or antibiotic gel.

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I want Hercules,Michael Jackson and Adolf Hitler as personae.They have ultimate unique skills like:
Hercules: "Ultimate Regenerate"-Restore 100% HP each turn
MJ: "Moonwalk Dance"-Make all enemies fall and inactive for 3 turns. 
Hitler: "Krieg Ende"-deal 999 physical+almighty damage to all enemies.And bonus 9,000 damage if enemies are currently down.
They should make it in Persona 5 or else I will be dissappointed :P

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You will get "The Ramen Way" book.