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Were you guys able to finish any secondary quests? I felt I progressed a bit too fast inbetween sections to ever finish a secondary quest :/
I was looking forward to what the weird NPC wanting human skulls would say after I collected enough of them..

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The game is fun, but I feel the monster is too weak.

The hunters having a shield and heal ability combined with their manevourability makes it hard to kill an organized team.

Even evolving to stage 3 monster didn't do that much for me.

The arena ability is extremely powerful..

Also, this game is totally worth a buy, if they sell it at 20-30% off full game price. If they expect us to pay full price for this game, then I have to wait for a sale or if a website offer around launch date.

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Just finished the game, overall I liked it.
I could have farmed a bit of xp or items for the last areas and bosses, but I did okei.
I went for a medium armor fast weapon kind of character, using runes that made my equipment burden a lot higher. I was a bit dissapointed that the more armor didn't make a huge impact.
Also, just tried NG+ for a bit, I really like it, and I am speeding through the game. The brawl or red magic, is imho far superiour to the green one.

Look forward to playing a fresh new game with a two hander and heavy armor character next time. At least when the game will run better.

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Indeed, the rogue class is awesome and a bit harder then the other classes.
However, when you get the arrowheads and know how to use them properly, it actually becomes quite easy, just don't get hit too much :)

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Arrowhead, it is amazing.
Been using it for 3 hours since I got them.

@sterling said:

Is there a ranged main, like a bow or crossbow? Or just that gauntlet thing Vinny has in the quicklook?

Doesn't look like it. You have a gauntlet, you can decide a fire mode and insert runes to get certain special effects.
Like damage over time, phasing an enemy out.

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There was recently an article on one of the biggest Norwegian game review, concerning what they would classify as unreasonable agreements that is required to review a game before the embargo date. In the case of Bayonetta 2, they were required not to write about the story after a certein chapter, about certain characters, weapons etc. They were also not allowed to use their own screenshot.

The article can be read in English from this link:

"Non-Disclosure Agreements have become a major press ethical dilemma for"

"Reviewing games used to be a straight-forward process in the early years of's existence. We would recieve a copy of the game, play through it, and write our opinion. No one told us when we could start playing, when we could have an opinion, and least of all; what we could have an opinion on."

"Both Square Enix and Nintendo were given the opportunity to give reasons for why they employ such restrictive agreements. Square Enix declined to comment, and we never heard back from Nintendo's European office. However, Nintendo's PR and distribution partner in Norway, Bergsala, wrote the following in an email to

«The purpose of the Non-Disclosure Agreements is clearly stated in the agreements. They are there to:

Maintain the embargo. This is obviously the most important part. Unfortunately there are cases of journalists breaking the embargo, so the agreements are absolutely necessary.

Make sure the review copies are used for reviews, not for walkthroughs, guides, and spoilers before the game is launched on the European market.

Curiosity: The agreement originated as a result of several journalists breaking embargoes for many years"

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I watched a couple of streams and I really liked how it played and looked. Looking forward to playing it tonight.

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@legion_: The problem is that many of the "anti-gun" crowd protesting in the streets don´t talk about the police force.

Am I the only who think Anita went too far with this tweet?

"We need to seriously adresse connections between violence, sexism and toxic ideas of manhood before boys and men commit mass shootings."

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Seems to me it is a mental health issue, not a gun carrying or gun selling laws that are the problem.

Criminals and mentally ill people don´t care about what is legal or not.

Btw, when people propose banning guns, they never talk about the police force. Should they be allowed to carry a gun in the streets? (a friendly reminder that there are few European countries out there were police officers don´t carry handguns. They do often have a gun available in their car though).

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@tobbrobb: @ttocs:

You can technically play in whatever order you feel like. But to me personally, the story made more sense after I finished Bayo2. Some people would claim it is best to just play the first game first. But to be honest, who got any of the story bits in the first game? I sure didn´t.