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My vote goes to San Francisco Rush 2049.

Add in online play for multiplayer (16 players on stunt tracks, 4-8 for races) and a light graphics overhaul and this game would be hella fun.

Already mentioned in this thread but definitely needed:

Chu Chu Rocket

Jet Grind (Set) Radio

Pac Man Vs

Conker's Bad Fur Day (just original multiplayer w/online would be sweet)

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Thanks for the heads up, I picked up Xevious and Mario vs DK. I had to complete a ton of surveys for old games I registered to cover these but its a nice bonus.

protip: download Netflix, zelda four swords, and flipnote studio for free and get 10 pts for each for doing a quick survey.

darktip: desperate for a few more coins? dsi/xl/3ds systems are worth 160 and the needed serial # to register them is on the outside of the box...

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Just make sure your games are factory sealed with the plastic folds on the bottom like so.
In this case it was probably "sealed" by a shrinkwrap machine after opened and disc taken, either by an employee somewhere along the way or a customer that returned it.


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Does the PC game have any content not found in the 360 version?  Sweet mixed breed mods?
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Death Tank
It has a small group of people that play it consistently but should be played by more. it is one of the best multiplayer games with 8 player support. The trial comes with 2 hours of online play if anyone wants to try it out - if you beat me I'll buy you the game
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My Top 5 -
1.  Death Tank 
2. Trials  
3. Geomery Wars 2
4. Rez 
5. Splosion Man  
I've played Death Tank, Trials, and Geometry Wars 2 more than any full retail games. DT and GW2 are great for multiplayer, Trials is impossible to stop once you start.
I too am looking forward to Limbo and still need to pick up Braid.

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This is an amazing free update. The article doesn't mention the new mod addition to the game where you can edit the attributes of all weapons and items - reload time, damage, how many shots, purchase price... - which allows for some really inventive custom matches.  Also, there is a Death Tank tournament this Saturday with prizes and all. 
While the price may be a little steep it has tons of replay value once you get into playing online. Check out the trial to get a taste.

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Death Tank - Great update to a classic multiplayer game. Those who like worms should check it out.
Geometry Wars 2 - Building on the already amazing Geometry wars with more game types and multiplayer.
Rez HD -  Great looking, great sounding, amazing experience.

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Panzer Dragoon Saga... played the demo and loved it but the ebay price is still a little steep.

I don't like almost all rpgs but what I played of PDS was great.

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Saw it tonight and was blown away... I would recommend it to anyone, fans of tos or not.