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Holy crap that website crashed my browser for near 20 seconds.

LOL me too!

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Witcher, Bastion, or Vegas would make a great addition to my holiday collection! Steamid: soupbear

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It was such a great idea that Microsoft had that they could have done so much with, but much like any large company, they became blind sighted by ratings and costs.

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I don't think it is fair to include Orc's Must die in there, I didn't finish that game because it was fucking hard later on. There was a point in the game where I had no idea what to do anymore and it became more of a puzzle game than a "tower" defense that I went into it to play. Reminds me of Dungeon Defenders, which is an amazing title that did everything right by me. It has the same formula as OMD but with multiplayer and a chance for newbies to grasp the concept without feeling completely overwhelmed. I may be sitting here and talking out my ass about it and it was really that I wasn't good at it but the game just turned from easy to hard to quickly and discouraged me from playing.

EDIT: I wanted to add that achievements have become somewhat of a minority thing in my opinion. I really enjoy finishing an "act" or "chapter" and seeing recognition for it. However, I rarely go after the achievements that require you to play the game differently than was fundamentally intended. This may be because I am a story-nut and after the completion of a story I feel it arbitrary to go back in but who knows, I am only one gamer in a pond of many.

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Never heard of getting in Diablo III with WoW. The only way that I know other than being a friend of the biz is to set yourself up for beta invites on

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It just confuses me that people seem to live in some weird alternate reality where JRPGs were ever popular outside of Japan.

This. The only time I hear or see people that are going to buy a JRPG over here in the states are they are either fanatics or are part of a group who likes that sort of thing. Do not get me wrong, there are some nice games out there like Lost Odyssey but other than that to ask or believe that in America JRPG's are widely accepted is little on the crazy side.

On point, however, I think if the Japanese decide to make their stories make sense and not go completely AWOL when it comes to common sense I think we could see more people enjoying them. The fact that every JRPG ever has at least one flamboyantly outward or cowardly character makes me grate my teeth. I loved FFXIII but Hope made me want to put the stupid game down every five seconds. Not to mention it seems that with the culture they have, women are either quiet, submissive, or overall don't matter in the scheme of things.

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Gamefly is a great service and seeing as I am an avid PC user it is great to be able to head to my couch and enjoy an SP game on my console that I didn't have to hand over $60 for.

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SW:TOR was always going to be a theme-park MMO (the only kind that works to mass appeal) and that's just that. Never was the game going to be open-world like Skyrim or any other game like that. As much as people like to think, the majority of Open-world players that are not the minor hardcore, stick to the main quest and shy off for a side-quest only once in a while. SW:TOR took what people liked from WoW, which was paced content in a great atmosphere with enough story to satisfy them and really just went at it hard. I have never found a problem with knowing where I am going, seeing my goal is to finish the story and play their content. The same goes for WoW, instances improve a game because they give you your own space to adventure in with friends and I think SW:TOR's rendition of this with multiple instances being a variety of party-numbers really works well. The first time I went through the Black-Talon on Sith and experienced the paced content with great story-building I was amazed and look at WoW instances much differently. The only people in the world that enjoy open-world dungeons and content are those that have not yet experienced camping a specific spot for more than a couple of hours for one mob kill and having it stolen from under their hands by a griefer.

In case I got off subject or rambled a bit with which I tend to do, my point is that SW:TOR is within the theme-park MMO category and those going into it believing that it will be this "thriving" world, that no game has (truly) accomplished (not even Skyrim) will leave disappointed. Go into SW:TOR ready to enjoy a really tight and fluent story that engages peoples mind and emotions while also being well paced and driven and you will leave a happy gamer. Oh and lets not forget the great group-content they have built.

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People still seem to no understand, anything more than 20 hours in this day and age is a very long single player experince. I've heard people saying they got bored after 60 hours and feel like they wasted there money, how can 60+ of your time that you enjoyed be a waste?

Internet. Bitching. Oh, and people don't understand the value of money.

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So good to see an indie game that isn't a side-scrolling hipster wank-off.

Thank you, devs of this game.

Wait, what the shit, they have been in development for 3 years and they only have an engine and a concept? This is not coming out.

You obviously don't follow indie games much do you? If anything this is more hipster by the weird animal influence it has. And by hipster I mean odd and different for the hell of it.