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Is there a better guide to where the owls are than the pictures in the house? I'm stuck on the last one and I've spent at least 2 hours looking for it.

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I know many Giant Bomb users will be attending PAX East and will need something to do Friday night! I present to you...

SideQuesting is teaming up with several friends to bring you an incredible night! Everyone is welcome!

Click on the Facebook Event Page to join the party

Join us for a night of industry, fans, and friends as we celebrate SideQuesting’s 3rd anniversary (!) and raise funds for Child’s Play Charity!

Win some excellent prizes, like a Playstation Vita, tons of video games, and more!

Musical stylings by the incredible JPHONIC

This event is LIMITED, so please bring the flyer with you to gain entry! (Don’t worry, they’ll be everywhere at PAX)

Where: McFadden’s Boston

148 State Street, Boston, MA 02109

When: Friday April 6th, 8-10 PM

Special thanks to:

To help sponsor this event, or to donate prizes, contact

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Everyone look closer at @louiedog (up 5 posts), he's a living hint.

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@endaround said:

Maybe you should investigate the whole concept of the thing first.

This is probably the best advice, many of the right dogs are listed there.

It's not limited to dogs that are secondary to the main character though. Think main character dogs, or even duos...

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@wickedsc3: Nice Gears pumpkin!

@TooWalrus: Uh, if you wanted to be really brave, you could carve that Skyrim dragon symbol thing.

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GLHB Pumpkin 2011

The carving took around two and a half hours to map out and cut. I think it looks great.

Is anyone else doing any Giant Bomb (or Whiskey Media) themed pumpkins? If so, I'd love to see 'em.

And of course, Happy Halloween duders!

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World of Warcraft not being an answer for Heat of the Moment is just ... wrong. Any hints? I need one more.

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If you've played Animal Crossing you'll know one of the answers for Hot Blooded.

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As much as I love the one with Ryan, I vote Alex's is the best. It's like some kind of purgatory where everyone agrees with him, but doesn't talk or move.