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This seems significant! I don't have room on my HDD to install both discs anyways, so I wouldn't experience this. But this is good knowledge! A friend of mine is having some issues on the PS3-version. He says the game keeps freezing on a specific early mission. I have know idea which mission he speaks of, since I haven't played the game at all myself. But he said something about a bicycle.

Sounds familiar to anybody?

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I was shocked when I first saw this article, hoping it was a some sick joke, but how could someone make a joke like this? Then I realized the news were true. It really makes me sad... I feel heartbroken for his wife, his family, his friends, and his colleagues. You have my deepest condolences.

@sthef: My thoughts exactly! Ryan Davis seemed like a really great guy, and I was hoping to be able to meet him some day. But I'm thankful that he shared his knowledge and passion for video games to all of us, and his great spirit!

I don't know what more to say...

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My ID is Amored.

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At what prices, Nintendo? That is the question!

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Ok. Thanks. I might just do that when there aren't this many good games to trade my "hard-earned" money in for :)

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I wanna watch the Quick Looks, but the only "option" I get is the Youtube-video (in fact I have no options), which has terrible resolution and has even worse frame rate. Not too long ago I had the option to chose between "Streaming", "Progressive" and "HTML5". I think the first Quick Look to only have a Youtube-version is the Dragonball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi one. Am I doing something wrong, or have the GiantBomb-folks gone Youtube-exclusive?