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Mine might actually be clayface; he can be any villain. Id like to see him come back if they make a 3rd game...

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I'm still going with my theory of Clayface falling in the Lazarus Pit having significance, and he's going to come out thinking he's the last person he turned into. Which is Joker.

This....theres gotta be a significance to clayface falling in the pit....Me, I could be done with the Joker, as much as I love Mark Hamill's version of him. Id rather see a supercharged clayface running around doing spot-on imitations of other villains. Maybe, those villains seek batmans help in clearing up whatever mysterious shit hes doing in their name, and you can never really tell who youre talking to....hell, batman could even end up having to spend awhile clearing his name while "batman" (clayface) does some dirt.

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32.  I miss the kind of games I grew up with more than I thought!

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Well nailed it, really
I think it doesnt hurt that 1) the hard levels are embedded within the game itself, and optional for progression (dark world) and 2) the warp zones switch up the action even if they can be hard to get and are short

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22.  Meat dies when it comes in contact with blood, or other meat for that matter

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@supermike6:   I know Im a month late to the party, but if youre still debating, Id do this; sit on it and wait for this to come out.  Youve already got a source steam game, so itll be free....
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This just shows that Radioheads music is so epic, it even translates well into bluegrass...


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@TomWhitbrook said:
" I'm as condemnatory of paedophilia as I am any means by which the strong abuse the weak, but these kind of laws make a creepy voyeuristic mockery of the concept of justice. "
they also barely distinguish between a true perv and some 18 year old who got the book thrown at him for sleeping with a 16 year old (consensually)
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This is way more disturbing to me:
How in the fuck are people suppposed to protect themselves from overzealous supertroopers with laws to prevent the public sharing of images of police nonsense?  Granted, the biker is a douche too, and was being out of line, but the charges are outrageous!