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There is no shortage of mini-game collections these days, and while Professor Layton's core game mechanic is solving puzzles, it is far from just another puzzle game. The game takes place in a little village called St. Mystere, where the town's patriarch has passed away and the famous Professor Layton, along with his side-kick, Luke, must help the townspeople solve the mystery of the man's inheritance. Things aren't what they seem, though, and in no time Layton and Luke are up to their ears in ...

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Not a Ten 0

Top Ten Reasons Why GTA IV is not a Ten I feel that I must start with a disclaimer: I like GTA IV. It's a great game and easily the best in the series so far. I have fun playing it and by no means do I think it's a *bad* game. But I can't say it's a game that deserves a perfect score, at least not by Gamespot's definition. I don't expect anyone to agree with all of the points below, I only hope that you can agree that GTA IV has flaws. Most are not serious, but all are more than trivial if one...

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A Perfect End 0

Since MGS4 is the culmination of a 21 year long series, a review of several paragraphs seems inadequate. My first impression of the game, on the other hand, spanned only three letters: Wow! Booting the game on my HDTV, I was greeted by a stunning rendering of Solid Snake, casually puffing a smoke as the game performed its initial install. I have to pause here to mention that since so many PS3 games have hard drive installs, I consider it a characteristic of the platform. Therefore any praise or...

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Bosses Galore! 0

To call Shadows of the Colossus an epic game would be an understatement. After all, the goal of the game is to find and slay sixteen Colossi, which are (as the name implies) giant lumbering behemoths. The Colossi and the world they inhabit are built to a breathtakingly large scale. The sheer vastness of the scenery pushes the limits of the PS2 from a graphical perspective. Unfortunately the beautiful surroundings feel dramatically empty since they are devoid of any life besides the Colossi thems...

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